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Trey Songs Strips Off & Tells About His New Mixtape Tour & Foundation

Ladies across night clubs in London can't seem to get enough of Trey Songs on the dancefloor, so his recent interview will certainly keep his fans excited. The man that 'invented sex' has been taking off his shirt and talking about new music, which you can expect to hear across London RnB clubs. Plus sharing the progress with his new foundation and upcoming mixtape tour. Trey states: "I’ve grown from a young man to a man, I think a lot of people have been able to see that progression [in the music], as far as my fans are concerned, as far as consumers are concerned, and just the general public. so I’ve gone from “gotta Make it” to “top of the world.” I’ve gone from “I invented sex” to “sex ain’t better than love. (…) I think the new album will reflect very much where I’m going as a person and what I’ve been through. Music, for me, is very much an expression of how I felt at the time when that song was made. We’ll see how much I’ve grown and how much I’ve changed since that album’s dropped.” DJs across London clubs are gearing up for the new mixtape, speaking of the tour Trey say's “It’s the first time I’ve ever toured for a mixtape Anticipation 2. I’m one of the few R&B artists who has been making mixtapes throughout the full extent of his career, i made one even before my first album came out. I went back to that formula, going back to the work ethic that i had initially at the start of my career, knowing that that’s what basically gave me the chance to make it to Chapter 5.' His charity Angels with Heart foundation is also on the rise. Mr Songs continue's "I remember coming up in Virginia, and a lot of kids would get in trouble after school and get into situations they didn’t need to be in because they’d be home alone and they didn’t have places to go. I came from a situation where I got clothes from the Salvation Army and I was on welfare, so to be able to contribute to people who are in need, like how I needed and how my mother needed back then, it’s something that I’m truly blessed to be able to do."