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Katy Perry To Revealing For Sesame Street

The soon to be Mrs Brand and possible future queen the of London nightlife scene made a highly anticipated appearance on the legendary U.S children’s show Sesame Street. Taking a break from making appearances around London clubs the I Kissed A Girl singer managed to take what should have a been a nice opportunity for kids to see one of their favorite singers alongside the most popular character on Sesame Street into a controversy. Clips of the Sesame Street appearance were uploaded to YouTube ahead of the actual airing which shows Perry alongside Elmo as she sings a lyrically tweeted version of her London nightclubs hit Hot N Cold. However the problem is that fans started to complain about Katy’s low cut lime green bustier dress claiming that its too revealing and is exposing her breasts. One of the comments said: 'You can practically see her t*ts.that's some wonderful children's programming.' And another wrote 'If your kid is saying things like: boobs!.it’s because of the family not because of Katy! I mean the family is the one who educate the kids! No one else is responsible of that!'The episode due to be aired on New Years Eve 2010 has been banned from TV and stated unsuitable for children.