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How to get onto the guestlist at some of the top nightclubs in London Part 1

Many people do not realise that, as the quality and quantity of the London nightlife is so high, there are many night clubs in London bidding for your attention and wanting your custom. Therefore, there are many clubs where you can impress your friends, skip the long queues and get on the guestlist. When planning a night out in London, make sure you do it well in advance to make the most of the great offers out there. To get on the exclusive nightclub guestlists at some of London’s trendiest clubs you need to keep up to date (more…)

London club night event reaches 20 year landmark

raindance club nightMany people travel to the capital just to sample the world-famous London nightlife for themselves. Over the years the nightclubs in London have built a reputation for generating a party vibe with non-stop dancing. There is so much choice these days. It is hard to forget that some of the nightclubs date back a number of years. One clubbing event (more…)

Big Brother housemates make up for lost time

sophie big brother winnerIt has kept us entertained all summer and now it is all over. We’re talking Big Brother. But the stars of the show are still managing to keep us entertained even though they are no longer locked up in that famous house. And as we all know, these newly made celebs are not the shy and retiring type so when they go out to party we all know (more…)

Knowing when to stop

When celebrities such as Lily Allen are out partying in London nightclubs, there is no reason why us mere mortals can’t go out and party with our friends too. But of course, there comes a time to stop. And whilst some celebrities don’t seem to recognise this fact, not all of us have hollow legs. The department of health guidelines state that men can drink between three to four units of alcohol per day. For women, this amount is two to three units. But this can very depending (more…)

Aussies drown their Ashes sorrows in London nightclubs

australian cricket teamFollowing the bitter disappointment of their Ashes defeat to England on Sunday, the Australian cricketers were seen out and about taking in the London nightlife until the early hours of Monday morning. The Aussies, lead by their losing skipper Ricky Ponting, tried to make up for the defeat on the field by heading to Prince Harry’s favourite (more…)

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