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Enjoy a bit of Sex and the City in the comfort of your own home

We see those four ladies at the bar, gently sipping on a cosmopolitan and we want to be one of them immediately. It’s every girl’s fantasy to live the lives of the ladies in Sex and the City, but sadly, ending up in a swish New York apartment with men fighting over us is highly unlikely. But what we can do, is at least recreate that delicious pink drink that those famous four are so fond of. The cosmopolitan is the ideal drink to have if you have all of your girl friends round before a big night out (more…)

Harry’s strong words fall on deaf ears as Spurs Stars hit the town

harry-redknappThe stern words of Spurs Manager Harry Redknapp that spelt out a warning to his partying players were ignored this weekend as his players celebrated after their win at Portsmouth on Saturday by partying in London nightclubs. The group of Tottenham Hotspur footballers who showed off their dancing moves at the Movida nightclub (more…)

Boy George pens song about Amy Winehouse while in prison

boy-georgeThe singer-songwriter and former Culture Club frontman has revealed that he wrote a song specifically about the troubled singer while he was serving his sentence in prison for the assault and false imprisonment of a man in his east London flat back in 2008. The title of the song is 'Your Pain Makes a Beautiful Sound' and features the lyrics: "You’re a genius, (more…)

Elvis Presley’s grandson spotted enjoying London nightlife

Benjamin-PresleyThere are certain people in the public eye who can cause an even bigger stir than your average celebrity. That’s certainly the case for Benjamin Presley Keough who has been thrust into the limelight recently. His grandfather, Elvis Presley has become a complete legend and something of a mysterious character; (more…)

Christina Aguilera prefers looking at women

christina_aguileraChristina Aguilera thinks women are sexier than men saying that she prefers looking at naked women over naked men because the female body is far sexier and is more pleasing to the eye. She told Cosmopolitan magazine: "I think women are such sensual beings. And, I mean, I'm attracted to men ultimately - I'm married (more…)

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