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It’s time to start planning your New Years Eve night out

We may still be in November but it is certainly high time we start to think about what we will be doing for New Years Eve 2009 – or more specifically – how we will be spending our New Years Eve in London. There are many options to choose from this New Year, so why not get a few mates together and decide upon what type of night club you want to celebrate this auspicious occasion at. There is an abundance of nightclubs in London and there is sure to be a venue which appeals to you and all your friends. If you are stuck for where to go, you can do an online search for (more…)

Thandie Newton doesn’t flirt

thandie-newtonThe 'Crash' actress - who has two daughters, eight-year-old Ripley and Nico, four, with her husband, writer Ol Parker - has strong friendships with her male pals because she never tries to manipulate them with her sexuality. The 37-year-old star said: "I've never dated an actor, just had the odd fling. Isn't that weird? (more…)

Make your own cocktails this festive season

With the cold and dark nights now well and truly upon us, well it may not be all that cold at the moment but still, we are now looking to those work Christmas do’s and night out with friends to lift the gloom which can be prevalent at this time of year. One way in which you can get into the spirit of things, and also save money on drinks before your night out, is to make your own cocktails. There are so many cocktail recipes to be found online these days, so there are no excuses not to visit your local supermarket and pick up the few basic ingredients (more…)

Sarah Harding is set to open her very own nightclub

sarah-hardingIt seems that never a day goes past without news of Sarah Harding’s nights out. She seems to be the biggest party animal on the celebrity circuit. But her partying is set to get a lot more wild as she plans to open her very own London nightclub. The popstar has been working hard (and conducting plenty of research) (more…)

Mariah Carey uses “uplifting” songs to help troubled fans

mariah-careyThe RnB popstar stars in the harrowing movie ‘Precious’ - based on best-selling novel ‘Push’ about an obese teenager who has two children through incestuous rape - and believes her music has helped girls in similar situations to the main character in the film. She said: "There are a lot of girls that I see at my shows (more…)

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