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Wifey – Next

Wifey – NextOnce again its #FlashbackFriday which also means we’ve got that Friday Feeling in the London Groove office and today we are posting one of our favorite R&B party classics which is a top choice amongst the ladies and it comes courtesy of the R&B trio Next and their 2000 gem ‘Wifey’.

RL, T-Low & Tweet really made a timeless classic when they released the first single from their second studio album ‘Welcome II Nextsasy’ and actually the biggest and most successful single on the album with everything else charting very low and being rather forgettable.

Wifey was produced by Naughty By Natures DJ Kaygee who discovered the group and contributed to lots of their party anthems such as ‘Too Close’, his knowledge of music with a huge collection of soul, rare groove, disco, funk, hip hop etc made him the perfect collaborator to create great quality R&B for Next. This mid-tempo jam is super smooth with the piano chords, guitars, and that feel good bassline.

Whenever 'Wifey' is played at our London Groove parties the crowd always go mad with the gents singing to their ladies making them feel extra special and the ladies singing along to the female vocalist who features on the track which many don’t know is the R&B sensation Lil Mo (yes the same Lil Mo from Ja-Rule’s ‘Put It On Me’).

Lil Mo was never officially credited on the track for being the vocalist, which is why many people are surprised, however there are not many vocalist in the game with such a distinctive voice apart from SWV’s Coko, and Nicole Wray who can be easily identified on records. The video is directed by Jeff Richter and features the Next boys enjoying quality time with their significant other in the bedroom, bathroom and outside of club.

Wifey climbed to no.1 on the US Billboard hot 100 and also managed to enter the pop charts at no.7 and no.19 on the UK Charts which is massive considering R&B songs championed by the likes of Choice FM rarely make it to the commercial charts hence why ‘Wifey’ is such a classic.

Superstar – Jamelia

Superstar – JameliaThe Birmingham born singer scored a massive pop hit when she released ‘Superstar’ on September 15th 2003 giving us this weeks #ThrowbackThursday pick.

The single was originally released by Christine Milton however Jamelia covered the song putting her twist on the single produced by Danish duo Cutfather & Joe who enjoyed much success with the likes of Mark Morrison, All Saints, Ace of Base, Pussycat Dolls, Peter Andre, Blue, Brandy and many more played across R&B clubs in London town.

Superstar is a dance-pop anthem with disco,soul undertones, If you imagine Liberty X ‘A Little Bit’ and Estelle’s ‘American Boy’ you will find Jamelia’s single mixed somewhere in between at office parties because is the perfect blend of Pop/R&B hence why the single became the 26th biggest selling single of 2003 selling over 260,000 copies earning the singer Silver certification.

Charting internationally in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Jamelia is proud to have scored such a massive hit in over 15 territories plus was recognized with an Ivor Novello Award for ‘Most Performed Work’. Today ‘Superstar’ is often featured on best of R&B compilations and will certainly be spinning across those all-important Christmas parties.

Wiley – Wearing My Rolex

Wiley - Wearing My Rolex#ThrowbackThursday is here again and today we are looking back at the Godfather of Grime Wiley with his first venture into dance music the 2008 ‘Wearing My Rolex’ which catapulted him into the top of the charts and birthed an era of UK grime artists crossing over to EDM.

Wiley has often told the story of how he likes to create quirky beats on his birthdays so collaborating with Bless Beats the producer became the best birthday present he ever gave himself. The often-controversial MC sampled the vocal from DSK’s “What Would We Do” and Bless Beats programmed a very infectious bass melody, which is often described as “Grime-meets-Electro”.

Wearing My Rolex was released on May 5th 2008 and soared to no.2 in the UK charts with every DJ in the country spinning the Electro club banger which always generated roars from the crowd especially across the many London RnB clubs. Although Wiley doesn’t feature in the video, it was rather popular thanks to having a group of pretty ladies running through the streets of London as night dressed as foxes (yes very strange). Wiley most definitely created a classic that still gets love across London nightlife and mixes great with UK Garage anthems, so Wiley we salute you, even if there’s not one Rolex in sight of your video lol!

Clean Bandit – Rockabye

Clean Bandit - RockabyeA new week is upon us and the Electronic music group from Cambridge, England loved for their combination of classical and dance music have returned with a new single that is guaranteed to bring sunshine to the charts this Autumn.

As the days are getting darker and nights colder its nice for Clean Bandit to give us some tropical vibes on their latest offering “Rockabye” to which they’ve recruited the vocal skills of rising star Anne-Marie and Dancehall superstar Sean Paul.

This is the group’s first offering Since Neil Amin-Smith’s departure from the group earlier in October of this year, and they still sound poptastic as usual (yes we just made up a word). Taking inspiration from the current wave of dancehall fused pop rhythms surging through radio and video-land, the Bandit’s are doing their best Ace of Base impression with ‘Rockabye’.

Clean Bandit - Rockabye video

Produced by the band members who are all qualified musicians, plus the award winning Steve Mac with songs such as JLS - Beat Again, The Wanted – Glad You Came, plus creations for Shakira, Demi Lovato, Olly Murs, Calvin Harris and more all under his belt. This mid-tempo feel good song builds as Anne-Marie sings about single mothers struggling to raise their kids with no support but giving lots of love and doing what they’ve got to do daily to survive. The chorus ‘Rockabye baby, Rockabye, I’m gonna rock you, Rockabye baby, don’t you cry’ plays with the lyrics of the much loved lullaby. Teaming up with Anne-Marie helps to distract from the fact that the group are now a trio, which in the video features a pole dancer in a pub whilst the band perform. The pole Dancer has a six-year old son in the video which continues the storyline of the song and incase your wondering if Sean Paul actually appears in the video, the answer is yes.

Dressed in a leather jacket and fisherman style bucket hat, the Jamaican MC played across our Dado 54 and Laurel Lounge parties sprinkles his well paid dose of ‘Sean-ah-Paul’ on the track with beer drinkers rhyming along to his lyrics in the video, whilst the blonde girl from Clean Bandit does her best dancehall queen impressions besides him.

Anne-Maries vocals suit the track and the story is one we can all relate to hence why the video has generated over 11million views on YouTube and is currently heating up the top 10 of the UK charts.

Keep Their Heads Ringin’ – Dr Dre

Keep Their Heads Ringin’ – Dr Dre#FlashbackFriday is upon us again and all roads will be leading to London Groove R&B Parties in the city where you will hear a combination of feel good R&B classics, UK Garage, commercial Dancehall, Deep house and of course lots of hip hop classics such this 1995 anthem ‘Keep Their Heads Ringin’ by the musical surgeon Dr Dre.

Taken from the soundtrack for the movie ‘Friday’ starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, so it’s no surprise Cube went to his fellow NWA band mate to get some Dr Dre magic to promote the movie. Dre samples from the 1980’s classic ‘Funk You Up’ by girl group The Sequence on Sugar Hill Records.

The Rappers opening line is “Funk you right on up, so get up, get a move on, get your groove on, it’s the D-R-E the spectacula inter party I go for your neck so call me Blackula” The Sequence chorus is also present on the chorus ‘ring ding dong, ring a ding ding dong’ along with songwriting contributions from soul diva Angie Stone.

Keep Their Heads Ringin video

Both Ice Cube and Dr.Dre are lovers of P Funk so their trademark style of ‘G Funk’ is what helped to make ‘Keep Their Heads Ringin’ such a big hit 21 years ago, and despite being released through Epic records the song is in fact owned by Death Row Records who also enjoyed another massive Dre hit with 2Pac’s ‘California Love’ the very same year.

The video featured Chris Tucker and the character in the movie known as ‘Big Worm’ who hijack the plane that Dr.Dre is rapping from whilst rocking the crowd who throw their hands in the air, and wave them like they just don’t care in the airport with staff members also being seduced by the groove.

The video is also directed by the same director as the movie F.Gary Gray, he Is no stranger to creating cool music videos having been the genius behind TLC ‘Waterfalls’ video and also the director of choice for the recently released NWA ‘Straight Outta Compton’ biopic.

Keep Their Heads Ringin managed to climb to the top of the U.S Rap charts, and Billboard hot 100, whilst coasting the top 20 of the UK charts, top ten in Swedish, and New Zealand charts giving the song Gold status and remaining on DJ playlists worldwide. So enjoy partying to Dr.Dre’s G Funk classics across our London Groove parties at Dado 54 and Laurel Lounge this weekend and enjoy being funked right on up!

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