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Party – Chris Brown ft Usher & Gucci Mane

Party - Chris Brown ft Usher & Gucci ManeChristmas is nearly here and as the city reaches it’s peak of mayhem with last minute present shopping and hunting for the perfect food ingredients to create the tastiest festive food, promoters are adding the final touches to their Xmas events that will be dominating clubs across London town and this new single by Chris Brown ‘Party’ will certainly be in heavy rotation on dancefloors across R&B clubs London city and beyond.

Breezy is back with yet another southern sounding trap style anthem that is sure to continue climbing the charts and getting heavy rotation in 2017, especially as it’s rumored to be taken from his forthcoming album ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’ but with no release date set fans with have to settle for ‘Party’ as their Chris Brown fix.

Chris Brown - Party

Chris tweeted an iTunes link to the single on Friday along with the video premiering on YouTube which has already generated over 11million views in just 4days and has everyone from kids to teens learning the dance routines that Breezy is always loved for. Apparently the video is directed by Brown and features himself and dances throwing down a variety of shapes in an underground club.

Not only is Breezy reminding everyone how much he loves to dance, but he’s also sharing the spotlight with his fellow music friend such as Gucci Mane who recently got out of jail and of course his brother in dance Usher, who slides down as escalator and dons some magic moves of his own as he sings about partying. In no uncertain terms Brown tells everyone to ‘pull up on your b*itch, tell your man I’m sorry, hundred on my wrist, jumpin’ out the rari Ooh, she hit the splits she know how to party, when I’m with clique, we know how to party, how to party, yeah we know how to party, we know how to party’.

Toasting to life and partying with naked women in their living rooms, is the good life they are celebrating and with the bass of this song booming in the clubs there is nothing else you can do but raise your glass, and shake what your mama gave you on the dancefloor. Party is out now and is ready to get your Christmas party popping and of course will be perfect for those New Years Eve parties in the city this year. Rating 8/10

Britney Spears – Slave 4U

Britney Spears - Slave 4UOnce again #FlashbackFriday has landed upon us for yet another weekend of party mayhem and DJs across London R&B clubs will be spinning this R&B classic ‘Slave 4U’ by the pop star Britney Spears who surprised everyone when she released this R&B club banger in 2001.

Having dominated charts with pop anthems such as ‘Baby One More Time’, ‘Oops I Did It Again’ and far too many cheesy anthems that we care to ever remember, it was such as refreshing change when the teen sensation decided to collaborate with the award winning Rap & R&B producers The Neptunes to sprinkle some swag filled funk her way, and boy oh boy did the rest of the world approve.

Written and produced by Chad Hugo and Mr. Happy himself Pharrell Williams, the duo showcased their love of all things 70’s 80s by re-interpreting the groove and overall feel of Vanity 6 1982 classic ‘Nasty Girl’. Slave 4U featured all of The Neptunes trademark sounds such as guitars, their distinctive drum patterns not forgetting Britney who left her girl next door image way behind as she morphed into a sexy woman dripping in sweat during the video.

Britney - Slave 4U

Released September 24th 2001 which was the same month as the devastating terrorist attacks 9/11 in the USA and also a month after the world of R&B mourned the tragic loss of the R&B princes Aaliyah. Britney proved to the world that she had more than pop to offer with Slave 4U becoming a massive club and chart hit. The video featured Britney performing the song in a massive sauna room where she’s dressed in leather pants with knickers over the top, which many compared to Christina Aguilera in the ‘Dirrty’ video.

The video was directed by Francis Lawrence who ensured that Britney was a sexy as possible for the video with her provocative dancers enticing people to not only be a slave to her but also the music. Ms Spears debuted the song at the 2001 MTV VMA Awards where she performed dressed as belly dancer with a massive snake wrapped around her shoulders.

A fact that many people don’t know is that ‘Slave 4U’ was originally recorded by Janet Jackson to be used for her 2001 ‘All For You’ album, however the singer decided not to use the song and handed it to Britney who of course ran with the song filled with Janet style breaths, and Prince inspired sexiness which achieved gold and silver certifications in Australia, Belgium, France, Norway, Sweden and here in the UK.

JuJu On That Beat (TZ Anthem)– Zay Hilfigerrr & Zavion Mccall

JuJu On That Beat (TZ Anthem)– Zay Hilfigerrr & Zavion Mccall#MondayMotivation is back for another week and we are celebrating the current dance trend dominating dancefloors worldwide thanks to the teen sensations Zay Hilfigerrr & Zavion Mccall with their TZ Anthem ‘JuJu On That Beat’.

While most of the world are busy doing the ‘Mannequin Challenge’ to Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” which has been heavily played across R&B clubs London and beyond, there's another viral sensation that stormed the Internet in the past few months generating millions of views on YouTube with the dance featured on shows like Ellen, Good Morning America, and Live with Kelly to name only a few.

The song has entered the UK Top 40 thanks to the viral videos storming YouTube with teens, adults and celebrities all doing the TZ Anthem challenge aka ‘JuJu On That Beat’. Even Ciara joined the duo on their TV performance during Live with Kelly on U.S TV and the official video has generated over 50million views catapulting this new teen sensation to stardom. JuJu On That Beat was originally a freestyle using the beat from the 2004 ‘Knuck If You Buck’ by Crime Mob featuring Lil Scrappy from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, the southern sounding crunk song was popular back in the noughties thanks to the bell sounds and hook, so Zav & Zavion sampling this trap classic was a smart move, especially capitalizing on the former success of the song by making it fresh with a new dance.

JuJu On That Beat video

The success of dance crazes in the charts has been evident through music history with things like the ‘Macarena’, Cha Cha Slide’, ‘Gangnam Style’, ‘Harlem Shake’ and the more recent ‘Whip Nae Nae’ which Silento is still enjoying the fruits of his success. Artist like Soulja Boy was one of the first rap teens sick Kris Kross to star a dance craze with his ‘Crank Dat (Superman)’ back in 2006, now JuJu On That Beat is dominating the Billboard hot 100.

JuJu On That Beat dance craze

The duo are signed to Atlantic Records thanks to their viral sensation attracting the major labels, and the lads are set to enjoy their five minutes of fame which no doubt will be short lived but not before earning a few million in royalties for their rhymes plus a platinum certificate for 100k sales in Canada, whilst climbing charts in Belgium, Australia, Netherlands and many more.

Swing My Way – K.P & Envyi

Swing My Way – K.P & EnvyiIt’s #FlashbackFriday and people across London Groove parties in the city have enjoyed countless nights raving to this 1997 Miami-bass anthem ‘Swing My Way’ by K.P & Envyi which is deemed as an R&B classic worldwide.

This duo are described by many as a one-hit wonder due to the sad fact that ‘Swing My Way’ is their biggest hit and only chart entry (no.6), however this giant of tune is always gets the dancefloor popping for DJs and will never leave the playlist of old-skool parties so that will forever make K.P & Envyi legends always in receipt of music royalties whenever this song is added to R&B compilations with a gold certification to their names.

Swing My Way was produced by Mixzo who has produced for mostly hip hop artists such as David Banner, Disturbing tha Peace, YoungBloodZ, Goodie Mob and more so although music fans hail this as an R&B anthem its really a rap song with an MC rhyming the verses and singer infecting us all with the catchy ‘shorty swing my way, you sure look good to me, now would you please swing my, shorty swing my way’.

There was a time when Miami Bass dominated clubland and R&B clubs London in the 90s with hits such as ‘Whoomp There Its’, ‘My Boo’ and many more getting everybody crunk on the dancefloor, so K.P & Envyi’s duo style was perfect to burst onto the scene and get the ladies singing. From the moment the intro of the song gets played by London Groove DJs people go crazy ready to break their moves when the hook drops.

Its no wonder why R&B star Bryson Tilller managed to scoop so many awards and fans by sampling K.P & Envi for his trap banger ‘Exchange’. He uses the famous intro and loops it around the backing track with the intro vocals making its presence known throughout. Swing My Way now appeals to a younger generation who may not have grown up in the 90s but certainly appreciate the captivating energy of the song.

Miami-bass has always been the type of genre that fills dancefloors so having the chorus with the R&B vocals allows the producer Mixzo to slowdown the groove and allow everyone to catch their breathe before it builds up again, making this the perfect Flashback Friday post to kickstart the weekend.

The Mack – Nevada ft Mark Morrison & Fetty Wap

The Mack – Nevada ft Mark Morrison & Fetty WapWe are full of #MondayMotivation after a great weekend of London Groove R&B parties in the city, and our DJs enjoyed spinning a great mix of current club bangers and old skool party anthems, of course one of the biggest UK R&B classics is Mark Morrison’s “Return of The Mack” released in 1996, and now Stockholm produced Nevada has created a remake which is flying high in the charts.

Its not hard to score a hit with such a timeless gem especially when its reflects such a great year in R&B music, so to have a UK artists create such a swagged out single reminiscent of Cameos vocals style, its no wonder why Nevada has struck gold with ‘The Mack’. The Stockholm producer has been working on his production style out in Nashville and signed to Capitol Records ‘The Mack’ has a nice glossy video packed with Caribbean people dancing to the tropical style remix and making you wish that you too were having fun in the sun.

Despite the backing track having a similar Tropical pop sound like the Chainsmokers, Maroon 5 and many more, its Mark Morrison’s vocals that instantly give this groove the seal of approval, turning an R&B groove into a rhythmical sunshine sounding anthem. However not content with only Mark’s vocals, Nevada also calls upon the melodic rap skills of Fetty Wap to ensure his single is the perfect combination of an A-list MC with a no.1 UK R&B classic loved by party people across R&B club London and it's only a matter of time before it breaks in the U.S.

Celebrating the 20-year anniversary for ‘Return of The Mack’ is a very smart move by Nevada, plus the additional vocals by Fetty Wap describing just how much of a mack he is really helps to bridge the gap between the style of 1996 and 2016 perfectly. This is Nevada’s official first single and is most definitely not going to be the last time we hear of him, especially with his video generating almost 2million views on YouTube, he’s off to a great start.

The Mack is dominating the top 10 of the UK charts right now with heavy rotation across Radio, and music TV, so its just a matter of time before it shows up in the USA Billboard hot 100, which If the original versions success in America is anything to go by then Nevada will really have a merry Christmas.

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