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#MusicMonday: Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean

Justin Bieber – What Do You MeanIts our first #MondayMotivation for October and at London Groove HQ this morning Justin Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean’ has been slowly growing on us, making JB’s #WDYM a guilty pleasure this #MusicMonday.

This single has been dominating the charts and London parties all over for past couple of weeks with Justin sitting comfortably at number 1 in the UK after being kicked off by Sigala’s ‘Easy Love’ and then returning to number 1 again on Friday.

Justin Bieber

Produced by Justin Bieber and MDL the former teen star also co-wrote the smooth dance-pop single showcasing his many talents, as people often forget that Justin is an experienced drummer, and guitar player so melodies often pour out of his bloodstream.

The promotional campaign for ‘What Do You Mean’ was huge especially as its Justin’s comeback single with his last project including the underground ‘Confident’ was met with negative critics due to his rebellious behavior at the time. Having since calmed down, publicly apologized, inked his body with more tattoo’s and grown his hair the 21-year old his now a growing young man doing saucy things in his videos.

Showing his more sensual side, Justin’s video finds the singer getting steamy with his love interest as he rolls around the bed of a redlight room, taking off his top whilst dry humping the beautiful model who seemed to be enjoying herself in the scenes. The singer does a little acting with Hollywood star John Leguizamo who is the leader of a gang and runs a graffiti based skateboard hangout.

What Do You Mean has reached number one in over 15 countries, his performance at the MTV Video Music Awards was met with critical acclaim as his strutted his stuff to his Skrillex and Diplo collaboration ‘Where Are You Now’ which is still popular across London Groove Musiqology parties, JB later performed #WDYM before taking off in the air and flying around the award show audience.

When asked why he broke down in tears after the performance the star explained that he was just very emotional after such an important comeback, he didn’t expect the crowd to receive him so positively, as he’s been working hard to become a better young man, and his new music is an extension of his feelings so he’s put his heart and soul into everything he’s doing including the performance hence the tears on stage.

Check out Bieber in the action in the #WDYM video below;

#BeatOfTheWeek: Nas – Owe Me Back

Nas – Owe Me BackIt’s #FeelgoodFriday and kick starting the first party weekend of October we celebrate NY Rap star Nas with his 2000 classic ‘You Owe Me’ which has been played across so many London Groove parties in the past.

Taken from his fourth album: Nastradamus ‘You Owe Me’ was certainly one of his more controversial songs where he was criticized for his misogynistic lyrics telling women that they owe him sex for having treated them to nice jewelery and things.

Of course every MC at some point in their career releases a song that doesn’t best suit their style or reputation and this is one of them because up till that point Nas had always released retrospective, knowledge filled stories about his life growing up in Queens New York. His father is a talented Jazz/Blues musician named Olu Dara so for him to make such a materialistic song didn’t best fit him.


However what a way to fall from grace, ‘You Owe Me’ is indeed a club banger this Timbaland production is from a time when the Virginia producer was on fire having dominated dancefloors in the late 90s with Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, and Destiny Child creations its no wonder why Nas wanted a slice of the commercial dancefloor action.

The bassline, groove and quirky melody of ‘You Owe Me’ had parties across London R&B clubs bubbling at the start of the new millennium and with it being the year 2000 you could see why Nas wanted to explore different styles. His albums before and after Nastradamus remained true to his art of rhyme and thought provoking lyrics with boom bap NY beats so he could honestly afford this more R&B direction which Ginuwine was more than happy to lead.

The single managed to peak at number 14 on the Billboard hot 100 Hip Hop R&B Songs with the video directed by David Meyers featuring Nas and Ginuwine surrounding by girls dancing as the ‘Pony’ singer serenades listeners with ‘Shorty say what’s your price, just to back it up you can my ice now lets say you owe me something….yeah Owe Me Back like you owe your tax, owe back like 40 acres to blacks’.

You Owe Me never fails to warm up the dance floor at our London Groove parties thanks to Timbo’s signature beat and Nas’s laidback rap style, although the lyrics are in poor taste we can forgive Nas especially now that the rapper has graduated from Harvard University with the highest honor you can receive in the field of African and African American Studies. I

Its fair to say the MC has matured for the better, paying himself back by re-educating himself whilst making rap and Harvard history so Nas we salute you!

Music Review: Omarion ft Kid Ink, French Montana – Im Up

Omarion ft Kid Ink, French Montana – Im UpR&B star Omarion is back with his new single following his club banger ‘Post To Be’ which is still in heavy rotation across R&B Clubs in London as daytime radio too.

IM UP finds Omarion joined by rap collaborators Kid Ink and French Montana to lift this single of the ground and take it to new heights.

Produced by Nic Nac this California creator has enjoyed hits with Sean Kingston ‘Beat It’, ‘Chris Brown’s – Loyal’, and the clubs smash ‘Ayo’ to name only a few. IM UP continues his winning formula which is the current midtempo wave of R&B with a heavy bassline. These repetitive melody’s focus more on the grove of the melody minus the use of a snare drum, adding simple finger snaps and booming 808s complimented by the rap style of singing which is where Omarion has decided to slot into amidst Breezy, Jeremih and more.

The raps from French Montana, and Kid Ink are mediocre with the typical song subject, of partying, getting drunk and doing things that their girls wont like. Omarion cruises effortlessly through this single which doesn’t show his vocal range but will certainly keep his name popping in the clubs, across London Groove parties and radio as sings ‘I’m the man, IM UP’!

Music Review: Philip George & Anton Powers – Alone No More

Phillip George & Anton Powers – Alone No MoreBritish DJ and producer Philip George returns with yet another house filled single to attempt surpassing the success of his huge London parties hit ‘Wish You Were Mine’ where he smartly sampled Stevie Wonder’s ‘My Cherie Amour’ loved across London Groove Musiqology parties.

Now Philip is feeling brave enough to push his latest offering ‘Alone No More’ which yes you guessed it, is another sample based song, this time tackling British boyband Another Level’s 1998 hit ‘Be Alone No More’. Originally Dane Bowers and his crew rivaled Damage’s ‘Love II Love’ style with this UK soul hit, which was produced by Cutfather & Joe (the duo behind Return of The Mack).

Having been given a 2015 house rework and removing the word ‘Be’, now the single ‘Alone No More’ fits in with the current trend of 90s sounding House using similar keyboard sounds to the iconic Robyn S ‘Show Me Love’.

Unfortunately Philip’s approach to ‘Alone No More’ is nothing special, the production is just following the current formula rather than standing out, and the singer makes a good effort of re-vocalling this classic but nothing can touch the original, and this doesn’t raise the roof like ‘Wish You Were Mine’, however it will probably still be a top 20 dance-hit.

music Review: Silento – Watch Me

Silento – Watch MeThis summer’s break out star has easily been the teen sensation Silento who has every child, woman and man 'whipping' and doing the 'nae nae' to his smash single 'Watch Me'.

Silento couldn’t have expected 'Watch Me' to cause such mayhem across dancefloors or the Billboard 100 topping the charts whilst earning RIAA-certified platinum status with over one million sales in the USA.

This Georgia Atlanta native (real name Ricky Hawk) caused a viral sensation with the song on YouTube eventually getting signed by Capitol Records in April. Creating a video to complement the songs countless dance moves was an easy task with people of all ages and races doing the 'whip', 'stanky leg' and generating a whopping 120million views on YouTube making it the dance craze across the London parties scene for summertime.

Watch Me

This southern rap smash is produced by Bolo Da Producer and written by Silento, so if this song makes him a one hit wonder like The Hansons, Mr. Gangnam and countless before him, at least he would have made millions as ‘Watch Me’ continues to top international charts and is finally released across the UK.

The 17-year old has recently been nominated for the Teens Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Song category, and with the buzz surrounding 'Watch Me' being similar to how big 'Crank Dat' was for Soulja Boy 8years ago its fair to say the whole world is watching Silento and having fun doing the biggest dances across clubland, so book onto the London Groove guestlist to bop-bop-bop at Yager Bar!

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