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Missy Elliott – I’m Better ft Lamb

Missy Elliott - I’m Better ft LambThe award winning Missy Elliott is back with a new club banger to keep her names on everyone’s lips, and ensure her music is in heavy rotation amongst DJs thanks to the collaborative “I’m Better” ft Lamb.

This trap heavy single fits right in with the current wave of rap music, which is slow paced but driven heavy by a devastating bass and some very salty rhymes courtesy of the rap queen.

I’m Better is produced by the featured vocalist Lamb and for what the song lacks in terms of a catchy hook, it more than makes up for with amazing visuals thanks to the video which is really where the strength of this package comes together. Directed by her long time collaborator Dave Meyers, the pair create a dark underworld packed with dynamic choreography, style defining fashion and a presence, which has been missing in music.

Since Missy’s last single ‘Where We’re From’ ft Pharrell in 2016 the star has been relatively quiet with fans desperate for a follow up which came in the form of ‘Pep Rally’ but without a video failed to capture any real buzz. Now the bees are buzzing again with ‘I’m Better’ as Lamb serves up a beat to rival his efforts for artist such as Beyonce when he created the R&B smash ‘Countdown’ which is still a huge tune across RnB clubs in London town.

When playing ‘I’m Better’ its important that your either in a club, in your car, wearing ear phones of have a great sound system in your home as the sub bass in this song is where you get the overall vibe. However the song lacks anything that stands out, as you listen to the song it’s like waiting for something to happen that never arrives and the heaviest sub bass in the world isn’t enough of a substitute.

Missy in I'm Better video

The video is great but the song is weak in comparison and the only real way to appreciate the concept is to keep playing the video to enjoy Missy’s costumes, wigs, and soak up those punchlines including references to Bruce Lee, Orlando, and a subtle dig at the state of American politics with her ‘Save The Human’s jacket.

Missy has always made video’s that give you a idea of her outer space mentality making you want to jump in a rocket and be instantly beamed to her planet, in the meantime we shall wait patiently for our invite to Misdemeanor’s dynamic looking future and keep our fingers crossed for a full album soon.

NSYNC ft Nelly – Girlfriend

NSYNC ft Nelly - GirlfriendIts #FlashbackFriday which also means we’ve got that Friday Feeling in the office as we prepare to rock the capital with our London Groove R&B party at Laurel Lounge this weekend. To kick-start the weekend with class and style, we’ve chosen the pop group who bathed themselves in soul to produce this R&B classic ‘Girlfriend’ back in 2002.

NSYNC shocked the R&B world when they released this single on April 15th 2002, mainly because their career had always been modeled on rivalling the likes of The Backstreet Boys and New Kids on The Block, the majority of their singles sounded like that of Britney all of whom had songs written by Max Martin. So when the lads decided to release their 3rd album ‘Celebrity’, it was decided that the likes of Brian McKnight, Timbaland and The Neptunes would be called upon to sprinkle some much needed R&B into their style.

Girlfriend was produced by Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams better known as The Neptunes, who having enjoyed major success in the charts with Britney, Jay Z, and many more it made sense to get the lads magic touch of R&B mixed with Hip Hop on their single, not forgetting a heavy dose of Nelly to add even more flavor to this jam.

Justin Timberlake and Nelly

Nelly really brought his St Louis style to ‘Girlfriend’ with one of his best collaboration verses as he raps and sings showcasing clever wordplay describing ‘I need fiancé cute as Beyonce, Ghetto like Da Brat, Ready to scrap when I say, the talents of Alicia, my fault Ms.Keys, I take the hips off Trina, The lips off Eve’.

The NSYNC boys really stood their ground on ‘Girlfriend’, it would be very easy for a pop group to get over shadowed by The Neptunes production and seem like their trying to be R&B but instead the lads were extremely comfortable giving a laid back relaxed performance that truly suited the vocals tones of both lead singers JC and Justin Timberlake.

Girlfriend peaked at no.5 in the US charts and no.2 in the UK, reaching no.1 in Canada and top 10 of international charts in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Scotland and more.

The video saw NSYNC and Nelly enjoying hanging out with friends driving cars and generally have fun times which is why the song continues to be one of their most loved R&B style singles, so we salute the lads of NSYNC and The Neptunes!

Jax Jones ft Raye – You Don’t Know Me

Jax Jones ft Raye - You Don’t Know MeFor our midweek music review we've chosen the latest deep house track to be dominating dancefloors and it comes courtesy of Dance producer Jax Jones following up his previous hit ‘House Work’ to once again create an authentic house sounding anthem ‘You Don’t Know Me’ feat Raye.

Jax Jones has a certified hit on his hands thanks to sampling one of the biggest basslines in house music in recent years ‘M.A.N.D.Y’ by Booka Shade which has always received roars across London R&B clubs when resident DJs such as Steve Back2 Basics throw it into the mix with other UK Garage classics and Deep House bangers.

Jax Jones is working hard to maintain the funky aspect of house music across danceland and leaking this single towards the end of December has given the song time to grow underground and allow the DJs to pump the single earning it a huge following with over 8million YouTube views of the lyric video on the producers official Vevo account.

Jax Jones

You Don’t Know Me was signed by Polydor records and has climbed into the top ten of the UK charts thanks to lots of radio play from stations such as Kiss100, Radio 1 etc, Jax Jones recently performed the song on Radio 1 Live Lounge with the chosen vocalist Raye is a rising British singer/songwriter who featured on Jonas Blue’s single “By Your Side”, she’s also been shortlisted for the BBC Music ‘Sound of’ award for 2017 and is delighted by the current success of her Jax Jones collaboration.

You Don’t Know Me is in heavy rotation and sitting pretty at no.3 in the UK Charts proving that the sampling Booka Shade was a good idea, the German duo gave Jax their approval to use the popular bassline after the DJ experimented with various bass notes but wasn’t feeling anything, so as he uses the Booka Shade anthem a lot in his DJ sets he decided to sample the tune and the rest is history.

Be sure to listen out for the song at our London Groove Laurel Lounge club night this weekend and cut some serious shapes on the dancefloor whilst singing the tag line na na aye’.

Eve – Tambourine

Eve - TambourineToday's mid-week feel-good tune comes from the Ruff Ryders legendary first lady EVE and her 2007 party anthem ‘Tambourine’.

Eve knows how to serve a high-energy track to make you work up a sweat on the dancefloor and thanks to collaborating with the Ruff Ryders key producers Swizz Beatz and his signature sound of whistles, and shaking drums, loved on massive anthems such as DMX ‘Party Up’, it’s no wonder why this is such a timeless classic.

Swizz Beatz sampled the classic funk band: The Soul Searchers – “Blow Your Whistle” taken from their 1974 classic album ‘Salt of The Earth’, this funky track gave Swizz the inspiration as the group chant ‘shake your tambourine’ Eve and Swizz expands on those three words by adding ‘Shake your Tambourine go an’ get yourself a whilstlin’.

Eve in Tambourine video

Rhyming about partying and feeling good dancing to the groove of life is exactly why this song is such a popular selection across R&B club London. The video was full of colour and fun dance moves courtesy of director Melina Matsoukas who followed Eve’s direction by ensuring the visuals were bright and full of life the way the MC requested.

Swizz Beatz makes a cameo appearance with Eve getting dressed ready to party with dancers looking like maids while Eve shakes her tambourine generating over 26million views on YouTube and proving why the song is still as instant party starter today. Tambourine has been featured in Hollywood movies such as Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Meet The Spartans, Trainwreck, Wild Child, Bride Wars, plus TV shows such as Gossip Girl, Skins not to mention computer games and R&B/Rap compilations.

The single is one of Eve’s top party tunes along with ‘Who’s That Girl’ and Tambourine managed to climb into the top 20 of the US charts, plus top 20 in the UK with similar positions in Belgium. Hungary, and Ireland. The official remix features none other than rap favorites Fabolous, Swizz Beatz and Missy Elliott who spit fire verses and ensure the song is played in clubs worldwide making this the ultimate party warm up anthem and is perfect for our Laurel Lounge parties, so when you hear it blow your whistle and shake your Tambourine.

Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You

Ed Sheeran - Shape Of youMusic Monday is here again, and after a great weekend of partying at Laurel Lounge in the city, Ed Sheeran's new single "Shape of You" is the perfect choice to kick start a new week.

It's been 3 years since Ed last released music having dominated the charts worldwide with his love song 'Thinking Out Loud' which fast became peoples choice for a wedding song, and also stirred up Marvin Gaye's family to launch a lawsuit against the star for copyright infringement claiming his song stole from Gaye's classic 'Lets Get It On'.

Having experimented with R&B style songs such as "Don't", and the Pharrell Williams produced 'Sing', this time around Sheeran is following the current trend of dancehall inspired pop which Drake, Justin Bieber, Clean Bandit, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Major Lazer and many more have all been enjoying success.

Ed Sheeran

Shape Of You is yet another example of how much demand their is for Reggae-Fusion style pop and with Ed's great choice of melodies and songwriting it's no wonder why his single has been number 1 in the national charts for the past x2 weeks. Taken from his soon to be released album 'Divide’ which is due out in March, the singer teams up with Steve Mac for the production of his mid-tempo jam. Steve has created hits for everyone from JLS, The Saturdays, Westlife, Leona Lewis to name only a few plus also works with Benny Blanco who will be contributing heavily to Ed's new album.

In "Shape Of You" Ed sings about meeting women and dating with the opening line 'the club isn’t the best place to find a lover, so the bar is where I go'. The chorus finds Ed seducing his lover singing "I’m in love with the shape of you, We push and pull like a magnet do, Although my heart is falling too, I’m in love with your body, And last night you were in my room, And now my bed sheets smell like you, Every day discovering something".

In a recent interview Ed shared that originally 'Shape Of You' was just another song he was creating to be given to other pop artist, as he was writing the song he said to Steve Mac 'this would suit Rihanna' however as the lyrics flowed he found himself writing "take my hand, put Van the Man on the Jukebox" and then he thought 'Rihanna isn't gonna sing that is she? And decided to keep the song for himself which was the right decision as the song is already gold in Australia, Canada and the UK.

Even without a video it's still proving I am more and just the lyric video already has over 101million views on YouTube, so watch this space for his official video coming soon and enjoy partying to this laidback club banger across London nightlife.

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