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Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like

Bruno Mars - That’s What I LikeTime is most certainly flying, as yet another weekend has come and gone and Bruno Mars is filling us with soulful vibes thanks to his new single “That’s What I Like”. Taken from his current album “24k” Bruno continues to showcase his love of old skool soul melodies which was evident on his last single “24k” which is till popular across our weekly London Groove parties in the city where people love to put their pinky fingers to the moon..

This single is the perfect antidote to a hectic weekend, and is ideal for that much required #MondayMotivation as you crawl out of bed to face a brand new week at work. The Hawaii born native first performed the single at the BRIT Awards a few weeks ago, which he did as part of a medley along with “Treasure”.

That’s What I Like is co-produced by Bruno along with his creative team going by the alias of ‘Shampoo, Press & Curl’, its packed with the laidback vibe of a slow jam however its groove allows for party people to bounce, pop and lock which is exactly what Mars is seen doing in the video which premiered last week on YouTube generating over 25millions views in just 6days.

That's What I Like video

Singing about loving the finer things in life Bruno states: “Gold Jewelry shining so bright, Strawberry champagne on ice, Lucky for you that’s what I like, that’s what I like, lucky for you that’s what I like, that’s what I like, sex by the fire at night, silk sheets and diamonds all white, lucky for you that’s what I like, that’s what I like, lucky for you that’s what I like, that’s what I like”.

The video is directed by Mars and Jonathan Lia who decide to just focus purely on Bruno’s performance as he dances and sings with animated raindrops, bottles and replicated cut outs of himself which allows the song to simply sell itself. The chorus is catchy and Bruno’s swag as always makes this yet another piece of quality to be played across clubland and for kids to appreciate as he steps into the shoes of James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince proving he is one of the most important new artist in the last 10 years, and why he is definitely what we at London Groove like.

Salt ‘N’ Pepa ft En Vogue – Whatta Man

Salt ‘N’ Pepa ft En Vogue - Whatta ManIt’s the first #FlashbackFriday of March, and as we prepare to finish work for the weekend, it’s time to get warmed up for London Groove R&B parties in the city, so today it’s all about Salt ‘N’ Pepa with their 1993 classic hit “Whatta Man”.

Featuring the vocal talents of those soulful diva’s En Vogue, these ladies have given us so many gems from their 80s ‘Hold On’ to 90’s ‘Don’t Let Go’, ‘Free Your Mind’ and ‘Never Gonna Get It’, so when they agreed to join forces with Salt ‘N’ Pepa for ‘Whatta Man’ it was guaranteed no brainer.

Written by Salt aka Cheryl James. Hurby ‘Luv Bug’ Azor, and featuring the sample of the iconic soul classic “What A Man” recorded by Linda Lyndell a white soul singer who formerly sang for James Brown, she came under attack by the Klu Klux Klan for associating with Black people and eventually withdrew from the music business all together, however her 1968 anthem was later re-produced by Dave Crawford who is also credited as a writer on the Salt ‘N’ Pepa version.

Whatta Man video

All four members of En Vogue re-sang the vocals with perfection ‘Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man what a mighty good man’, whilst Salt ‘N’ Pepa rapped about all the good features of their men ‘ So here’s to the future cos we got through the past, I finally found somebody that can make me laugh, hahaha you so crazy, I think I wanna have your baby’. Even Spinderella the rappers DJ gets to spit a verse of her own but it’s fair to say that Pepa has the best verse ‘my man smooth like Barry and his voice got bass, a body like Arnold with a Denzel face, he’s smart like a doctor with a real good rep, and when he comes home he’s relaxed with Pep”.

The video was directed by Matthew Rolston who ensured that the ladies came across cool and sexy in their video as they enjoy quality time with their celebrity male friends of whom Treach from Naughty By Nature, and Tupac Shakur, were chosen to be featured in the video. En Vogue were of course present helping the video to win 3 MTV awards, Best Dance, Best R&B and Best Choreography in 1994.

Reaching the top 3 of the Billboard hot 100 and no.7 in the UK “Whatta Man” is a timeless classic and will always make a great warm up across RnB clubs London.

The Weeknd ft.Daft Punk – I Feel It Coming

The Weeknd ft.Daft Punk - I Feel It ComingWe are full of #MondayMotivation for the final Monday in February, and after a hectic weekend, we are getting chilled by the Canadian superstar who has been heating up the charts with his club banger 'Starboy' dominating dancefloors across R&B clubs London and our London Groove weekly parties too. Taken from his 'Starboy' album 'I Feel It Coming' is his next offering which is smooth, sexy and loved by the ladies worldwide.

After his impressive performance at the Grammy's a few weeks ago, "I Feel It Coming" was given the bright lights treatment along with a special appearance by Daft Punk who also produced the single along with 'Starboy'. This single is very different to the dark edged 'Starboy' it has a very romantic feel as the laidback song takes you back with its retro feel and Michael Jackson inspired vocals.

The Weeknd

Co-Written by Doc McKinney and Cirkut who have created hits for Kelis, Raphael Saadiq, Sting, Will.I.am, Santigold, Mary J Blige, and Maroon 5 to name only a few music megastars. I Feel It Coming has a dreamy feel which makes you want to sit back and just melt into a hot bath, hot cocoa, or wrap up warm with your loved one.

The Weeknd truly channels the spirit of MJ, if you close your eyes you can imagine Michael singing this song with his classic tenderness on the pre-chorus "You've been scared of love and what it did to you, You don't have to run, I know what you've been through, Just a simple touch and it can set you free, We don't have to rush when you're alone with me".

Although the chorus is very repetitive from a lyrical perspective, the simplicity can be allowed as it has a feel good vibe it to, and often with music 'less is more', which is why the song has already been featured in TV shows such as 'Being Mary Jane' and is climbing up the UK top 20. Of course the USA audience have the song sitting pretty in the top 10 of the Billboard top 100 and France being the birthplace of Daft Punk ensured "I Feel It Coming" reached no.1.

Countries such as Sweden, Switzerland and Slovakia have The Weeknd in the top10, and despite having no official video, the lyric video has generated over 27million views, making this the perfect warm up or cool down song for parties across London nightlife. Be sure to watch out for more televised performances from The Weeknd as he continues to promote his top selling album 'Starboy' and prepared for his world tour, coming to the UK soon.

Sage The Gemini – Now and Later

Sage The Gemini - Now and LaterSage The Gemini is giving us lots of #MondayMotivation with current club banger which you have been hearing lots across radio, TV and club land and Later is taken from his 2nd studio album ‘Bachelor Party’.

Following the success of his former singles such as Red Nose, Good Thing, and his hard-hitting Gas Pedal, Sage is once again onto a winning streak with ‘Now & Later’. This mid-tempo rap single has a cool dance vibe that makes its appealing to the European audience hence why it’s been slowly climbing up international charts.

Sage & Gemini

Sage uses his distinctive rap voice and singing tone which is featured on Flo-Rida’s ‘GDFR’ where he sings the hook on the no.1 selling rap anthem. On “Now or Later” he mischievously expresses “I can be ya lifesaver, treat me like a jawbreaker, you got 31 flavors, baby, you can get this now and later, now and later, you can get this now and later it’s your choice’.

Today’s pop songs are getting more and more risqué and what sounds like a clever request for some oral sex, could also be wedding proposal as he does also tell the lady of choice “you’re beautiful like spring time, let me know you in the meantime, hopefully, if things seem right, I’mma be needing your ring size.” Oh what a hopeless romantic Sage The Gemini is.


Now and Later is also produced by Sage real name Dominic Wynn Woods and Nieman Woods where together they use a flute sounding instrument as the lead melody, its definitely sounds like the type of song that FloRida would record and if you listen to it with your eyes close at a first listen you would easily mistake it for the ‘Low’ chart-topper.

However Sage the does a great job of proving his style and the laidback energy of the song is infectious to everyone that hears it which is why it’s currently sitting at no.17 in the UK charts, with top ten positions in Ukraine, Germany, Belgium and bubbling at no.3 in the US Hot 100. The video sees Sage enjoying a house party rapping from poolside, plus dancing with ladies and talking on the phone generating over 13million views, so be sure to get on the dance floor when our London Groove DJs spin this party anthem over the weekend.

Montell Jordan – Get It On Tonite

Montell Jordan - Get It On ToniteWe're getting ready for another Soul Saturdays club night tonight so we’re kicking off in true smooth R&B style with a classic that always goes down a treat at our London Groove Laurel Lounge parties.

Montell Jordan ‘Get It On Tonite’ our flashback classic released Oct 12th 1999, it’s hard to believe that it’s 16 years ago that this anthem dominated dancefloors, charts and even Hollywood movies. Produced by Brian ‘Lilz’ Palmer and Serigo ‘PLX’ Moore who came with the idea of sampling Claudja Barry’s 1976 single ‘Love for the Sake of Love’.

The melody of Claudia Barry’s classic is the driving force behind ‘Get It On Tonite’ giving it that smooth vibe perfect for warming up or cooling down parties, it’s a mid-tempo groove but yet fast enough to allow people to really get down on the dancefloor which is exactly what will be happening across R&B clubs London as everyone aim’s to ‘Get It On Tonite’.

Get It On Tonite video

This song was so popular it charted in the top 20 Billboard hot 100 and also no.1 on the R&B charts with no.15 in the UK and also top 20 in countries such as Belgium, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands to name only a few. However its biggest achievements came in 2001 when Hollywood movie ‘Save The Last Dance’ was released by MTV telling the story of two students that fall in love while teaching each other how to dance.

Save The Last Dance movie

It was the club scene of the movie where you hear Montell Jordan pumped across the dancefloor and movie theatres around the world which helped to push the single back up the charts reminding people why this song is so timeless thanks to Montell’s smooth vocals singing ‘Girl if it’s alright, let’s go somewhere and get it on tonight, I’ve got a girl but you look good tonight, it’s one on one tonight, tonight’.

Not since ‘This Is How Do It’, had Montell Jordan had such a huge hit, with ‘Get It On Tonite’ proving that he was much more than a one hit wonder, with numerous R&B anthems played by DJs, but this is one of those songs you just can’t escape as its constantly featured on compilation albums and old skool segments on radio stations such as Kiss100, and Capital Xtra, so be sure to get on the floor when you this classic pumped over the weekend.

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