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Alicia Keys – In Common

Alicia Keys - In CommonIt’s a brand new week and after another crazy weekend of partying, its nice to kick start our week with a smooth song choice from Alicia Keys giving us some much needed Monday Motivation. In Common is taken from the singers soon to be released sixth studio album and showcases Alicia like you’ve never heard her before.

Alicia Keys

Inspired by the current wave of Tropical, Dancehall pop fusion dominating the charts, which Drake is proving to be a successful choice as he’s still sitting at number one in the charts for the 11th week with ‘One Dance’. Alicia called upon the music creating talents of IIIangelo real name Carlo Montagnese who is the 28 year old Grammy Award winning producer from Canada and longtime collaborator of singer The Weeknd.

Having worked with Wiz Khalifa, Drake and Lady GaGa his experience allowed him to bounce of Alicia’s inspiration to create a very hypnotic fusion of Latin/Afrobeats as Keys sings about lovers having so much In Common despite their faults. Upon first hearing ‘In Common’ you will instantly think of Drake and Rihanna’s 2012 anthem ‘Take Care’ played across London parties as Alicia sings with a very laidback and sultry tone whilst singing “who wants to love somebody like me, you wanna love somebody like me, if you could love somebody like me, you must be messed up too.”

In Common video

The accompanying black and white video directed by Pierre Debusschere and Keeley Goul shows Alicia with a fresh new image wearing an African inspired head wrap as she sings from a fire escape with dancers of all ages, races and genders embracing eachother. Alicia explained that the video is a celebration of ‘our individuality, sexuality, brilliance and uniqueness’. Deep down we are all the same Keys expresses “we all want to experience love, freedom, and be our truest selves loving whomever we choose and wanting to be accepted”. Alicia remains free from make up in the video and has inspired a #NoMakeUp movement celebrating her natural beauty and letting her flaws show, which fans have been loving and praising the singer for letting her freckles be seen and not hiding behind layers of make up. Her live performances of ‘In Common’ on shows such as Saturday Night Live, Tribeca Film Festival, and UEFA Champions League Final were received positively with the song entering the top 40 of most charts. Her Follow up ‘Hallelujah’ is ballad that is already bubbling but “In Common’ will remain in many playlists over the summer season.

M Beat ft. General Levy – Incredible

M Beat ft. General Levy - IncredibleWe got that #FridayFeeling and to celebrate we’re kick starting the weekend with one of our favorite classic jungle anthems bringing back memories for #FlashbackFriday.

London Groove parties are known for playing a wide selection of music from R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, Chart anthems, Afrobeats, New Jack Swing, Dancehall and many more. One of the genre’s that always get the party jumping is Jungle, which in the early 90s found DJs and producers merging their love of Dub/Reggae music with Drum and Bass.

One of the leading singles came courtesy of M-Beat in 1994 who made the decision not to sample yet another reggae song but instead give a UK Dancehall MC the opportunity to Rhyme/Toast on his song ‘Incredible’. His choice of MC is one that will forever be one of his smartest choices, he called upon the skills of General Levy who not only rhymed on the track as incredible speed but also showcased extreme levels of flare with his vocal gymnastics making unique sounds on the groove.

General Levy’s put his signature on the bass heavy track that constantly hypes up the crowd across clubland and has kept Levy touring across the UK as he’s invited to festival’s to perform on the Drum and Bass/Jungle stages. Incredible caught the attention of everyone across radio TV, and thanks to the video in heavy rotation on music channels such as ‘The Box’ on Cable TV kids, teenagers and young adults kept requesting the video with Levy and M-Beat in their car cruising across London.

General Levy

The song entered the UK charts at no.8 proving that Jungle music could indeed cross over, however purists from the underground didn’t appreciate seeing the genre in the national charts branding M-Beat a sell out. Despite negative moans from critics, overall Jungle became a phenomenon with other songs such as Shy FX ‘Original Nuttah’ also climbing into the charts.

RnB clubs in London still love playing classics and “Incredible” is still relevant 22 years later plus was used in TV car commercial recently proving that it sounds just as good as current Drum and Bass songs made by the likes of Rudimental, Sigma, DJ Fresh to name only a few. But M-Beat’s classic is in another league to the sound of modern D&B and stands out at anytime of the evening instantly giving you the feel good and igniting that Friday Feeling every weekend.

Mary J Blige – Just Fine

Mary J Blige - Just FineThere’s no Throwback Thursday without the Queen of Hip Hop Soul who is the one and only Mary J Blige. Since dropping what’s the 411 in the early 90s the singer has gone on to dominate the charts, London Groove Soul Saturdays parties, and win countless awards for her various studio albums.

Mary has so many great tunes making it hard to pick our Throwback choice of the day, but for this Thursday we’ve chosen the feel good anthem ‘Just Anthem’ released 16th October 2007. Its hard to believe this club banger is almost a decade old, from the moment we heard this song we knew it would be a classic that would remain on dancefloors for decades to come.

Mary J Blige

Produced by Jazzy Pha, Tricky Stewart and Kuk Harrell between them they have created hits for the likes of Ciara, Beyonce, Justin Bieber and many more. Mary also contributed to the writing of this hit where she expresses that no matter how many bad days she has rather than giving up, she chooses to remain positive by singing ‘I got my head on straight, I got my mind right, I ain’t gonna let you kill it, you see I wouldn't change my life, my life’s just fine, fine, fine, oooh’, and with over 20 million video views, people around the world are feeling fine too.

Kid Ink – Promise

Kid Ink - PromiseThe US Rap Sensation is heating up the clubs with yet another banger designed to get the ladies on the dancefloor and gentlemen chasing the eye candy.

Kid Ink always manages to target the hottest artists to collaborate with and “Promise” sees him teaming up with the chart topping Fetty Wap for what is cool mid tempo rap banger with R&B undertones.

Produced by none other than DJ Mustard it’s fair to say he’s sound has become the club bench mark since producing ‘Rack City’ for Tyga in 2011, his West Coast influences saw him producing for rappers such as Drake, 2 Chainz, YG, Bow Wow and many more, but its his R&B creations for the Chris Brown in 2013 that really put him in crazy demand and has given people like Jeremih, Krept & Konan, Fergie, Omarion, all enjoying success from his works.

Kid Ink and 2Chainz

Their have been many DJ Mustard inspired tracks released also but rather than work with copy cats Kid Inks prefers to go direct to the source of the creativity to give him another chart friendly anthem. Promise has been floating around since December 2015 but over the months has generated lots airplay and heavy rotation in London R&B clubs thanks to Fetty Wap’s contribution.

The video is directed by Mike Ho and finds Kid Ink in hot water with his lady who his convinced he is cheating due to his afternoon meetings with different ladies which just happened to get snapped by his friends on their smart phones. However pictures can be deceiving because in actual fact Ink is discussing secret wedding plans which his lady discovers when she finds a wedding dress on her bed.

Kid Ink Promise video

Natural she is over the moon to be marrying her Mr. Right and it makes a change to see marriage in a hip hop video and far to often the strip club booty shaking videos send a negative message, so its no wonder why ‘Promise’ has a whopping 40million views making it perfect for London Groove R&B parties in the City. Fetty singing “I love the way you stare at me when you look my way, this is something you hear baby would come my way, there is nothing else to fear, girl come with me you straight this something you should hear, I promise to be great” is exactly the reassurance ladies want from their man..

This Girl – Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners

This Girl – Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 BurnersWe got that #FridayFeeling and it’s time to cut some serious shapes on dancefloors across the capital thanks to sizzling hot dance anthem by: Kungs vs Cooking on 3 Burners with their infectious single “This Girl” which is burning up charts and getting ready to dominate our airwaves throughout the summer.

This Girl has all the ingredients that people gravitate to, it’s packed with sunshine vibrations, soulful melodies that are reminiscent of Carlos Santana glued together by a groovy house beat and vocals echoing that “money rains from the sky above, but keep the change cus I’ve got enough, a little time and some tenderness, you’ll never buy my love”.

Every year house music lovers travel to Ibiza to soak up quality house music with huge parties not only held in the superclubs such as Pacha, Blue Marlin, or Space but crucially on the White Isles boat parties sail across the ocean seas blasting House gems as the sun goes down which is exactly the magic captured in the video.

Naturally the French DJs Kungs are nowhere to be seen in the video just a couple exploring each other, having fun, spending quality time together, taking in the views of the beach, swimming, lighting fires, talking and generally being young and in love which sounds like the perfect summer combination.

Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners video

The song talks about having value for life not being controlled by material things which is not trait found in every woman you come across but is exactly what makes ‘this girl’ unique: “No other thing that’s as precious to no other, there’s no other than a heart that feel and a hear that’s true, something that you’ve got to know this girl”.

So far “This Girl” is in heavy rotation across Capital Radio, Kiss 100, Radio 1 and literally every music channel you turn across on TV is playing this video which is the sign of potential top 5 hits, it’s currently sitting at no.10 on the charts but with this weeks chart countdown, we believe the song will jump into the top 3 as iTunes downloads indicate its popularity and feel good factor already loved across the London parties scene.

This Girl

The French DJs Kungs have really helped to give extra exposure to the Australian band: Cookin’ On 3 Burners whose original version of ‘This Girl’ is a laidback soulful track featuring Kylie Auldist who really echoes the song’s tagline ‘You’ll never buy my love’, it’s no wonder why the Kungs decided to speed the song up and create a house version, now everyone is winning.

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