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Meet our Djs and get to know the team who’s love of music keeps you entertained at our London Groove parties every weekend…

Steve meet our djs from London GrooveSTEVE  – AKA (Dj Back-2-Basics)

As the owner of London Groove Steve’s certainly not shy to roll his sleeves up and get stuck in on any given night. A confessed workaholic he can be found replying to emails, answering calls and doing bookings for London Grooves club nights during the daytime but his real passion is playing music.

“I began Djing as a hobby when I was 15 and by the age of 17 was Djing in West End clubs on a regular basis. That was over 25 years ago and I’ve never looked back” quotes Steve.

“Over time I built up a following of lovely people who’d regularly contact me to find out where I was Dj’ing next, and much to my amazement literally plan their Friday or Saturday night partying where I’d be playing”.

“Many West End clubs only entertained a music policy of house, dance, chart or commercial music and this is why I started my Soul Saturdays club night more so out of need for a regular weekly party where the music genre was mainly RnB and 80s/90s stuff, music that I loved and had grown up with”.

“Little did I know but this was to be the start of London Groove, a unique set of club nights linking together like minded people who all had this similar musical taste…”

Steve doesn’t have a favourite or preferred genre of music, “I love any music with a soulful flavour which really depends on my mood. when I was growing up there was no RnB or Hip Hop, instead we had Motown, Disco, Funk, Rare Groove, Reggae, Soul and of course MJ and Whitney. Then along came Run DMC, Public Enemy, Bobby Brown, and producers like Teddy Riley with the New Jack Swing era and Jazzie B of Soul II Soul and the music evolved into what we know and love today”.

“When I Dj I like to take people on a music journey through all of this and across different genres, I like people to think of it as fine dining where you’d have starters, main and of course desert”.

Steve can be found pretty much every weekend at top birthday and engagement party venue SAMA Bankside on Fridays and Saturday nights doing what he loves best. If you spot him go over and say hello as another thing Steve loves is chatting to people. You can also follow him on his Twitter page @SteveLondonGroove.

dj-eric-b-lineERIC – AKA (Dj Eric-B-Line)

Another veteran and long standing member of the London Groove team is Eric B Line who’s been with the team since day one.

Eric’s musical history dates back to the days of old skool sound systems and street parties, the likes of which we only tend to see now once a year at the Notting Hill Carnival. He’s the ultimate wiz kid on the technical side and is always on hand whenever things go wrong which luckilly is hardly ever.

Eric is known as the original party starter and can regularly be heard playing the first half of the night at Revolution America Square where he’s guaranteed to have the dancefloor rocking and party buzzing way before midnight, in fact it’s not unusual for people outside queueing to be bopping and tapping their feet to his music before they’re even inside.

Eric doesn’t do gimmicks, he’s all about just playing the music, tune after tune to keep the crowd entertained…

Dj Venus FlytraxxVENUS – AKA (Venus Flytraxx)

Is a name that goes beyond genres as a consistent Club DJ in the capital. Venus has spun at London Groove parties for years, from the days of Rex Bar in 2008 (Now DSTKT), Stanza, Sway, The Bureau, Prohibition, Refinery and The Anthologist to the present day people have come to trust her skills to liven up any party, and keep it rocking till hometime.

Venus has impressed crowds crossing genres from R&B, Hip Hop, Funk, to House, UK Garage, Tropical Anthems, Dancehall, Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Pop, Soul and a well loved fusion of party classics earning her compliments from the likes of F1 ace Lewis Hamilton, Gok Wan, Ashley Cole, and many more celebrity guests in attendance where ever she goes.

You can catch Venus Flytraxx playing at many Shoreditch bars and clubs, as well as various restaurants that do bottomless brunch in London plus our own London Groove parties. Wherever you see you you’ll experience her high energy performance and MC skills on the microphone as she gets the crowd pumped up and leaves them begging for more, making each birthday party, hen night and general celebration of a life and a night that truly takes you high!

DJ SR - Shomik Raha London Groove copySHOM – AKA (Dj SR)

DJ SR has been DJiing for 17 years, 13 years in bars and clubs around the capital and has done more corporate events, birthdays, engagement party private hires and weddings than he cares to remember. He started bedroom DJiing to Jungle in 1996 on turntables, by 1998 he had moved onto old skool garage and R&B. He started playing small private parties and then moved to the London clubs by 2000.

We came across DJ SR on an off chance in 2008 and is our newest London Groove resident Dj.

DJ SR goes simply by his initials (full name Shomik Raha). He doesn’t go by DJ gimmick names or fancy suave appearances. He keeps it simple and lets his imagination come out in his mixes. He is also the dj who does all the London Groove mix cd’s.

Styles: Mix, Scratch, Segways/ BPM Transitions, minimal hosting.

Genres: RnB, Hip Hop, Commercial, Garage, Funky House, 80/90’s old skool, Disco, Funk

Format: Turntables, CDJ’s, Serato audio & Video DJ.



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