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History Of The Cocktail

You may be surprised to know that cocktails aren't an invention of the 21st century; where people drink cosmopolitans in swanky London nightclubs. In fact, they date back hundreds of years. The earliest known record of the word 'cocktail' was printed in The Farmers Cabinet in 1803.
The earliest definition on the word 'cocktail' was on May 13, 1806. It was featured in an edition of Balance and Columbian Repository which was published in New York. The question was; "What is a cocktail?" The answer was; “Cocktail is stimulating liquor composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters — it is vulgarly called a bittered sling and is supposed to be an excellent electioneering potion, inasmuch as it renders the heart stout and bold, at the same time that it fuddles the head. It is said, also to be of great use to a Democratic candidate: because a person, having swallowed a glass of it, is ready to swallow anything else.”
There are many interesting theories as to where the name 'cocktail' came from, but nobody can say for sure. One of the theories says that fighting cocks were given a mixture of spirits by their trainers before a fight. This mixture was known as a cocks-ale.


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