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London clubs and night clubs in London City plus information on nightlife and bars.

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London clubs, Nightlife, Bars and R&B night clubs in London City that take place every weekend..


Guest lists for our Friday and Saturday R&B London clubs in the City every weekend

Yager Bar

Fridays at Yager with the best in Commercial R&B, Party Anthems and Club Classics

The Anthologist

Soul Saturdays with the best in Commercial RnB, Hip Hop, Funky House and 90's

The Refinery

Soul Saturdays with the best in Commercial and smooth RnB, 90's and Funky House

London club Pics

Weekly pictures from our London clubs including videos and New Years Eve..

Our guide to some of the more popular London clubs that cater for R&B, Funky House and 90's Old Skool

In one of the most exciting cities in the world it goes without saying that it's partying and clubbing scene matches it's diversity. London clubs and nightclubs are multi-million pound industries that help to keep the London nightlife economy going even in these harder times.

The night clubs in London play a vast range of music as diverse as the people who visit them to party to R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Dance, Dub Step, Drum & Bass, Club Classics, Funky House, House, Disco, 70's and 80's, Soul, Rock, Indie, Garage and Rave.

Most night night clubs have strict door entry policies with just as strict dress codes, minimum age requirements and an equal balance between male & females being needed in order to get in. It's important to remember these factors if you're visiting any of the more popular London clubs especially in the West end as failure to fit in with their dress code could mean the difference of getting in or not !

Other areas such as Camden, home to the Electric Ballroom club and Koko which is a huge dance and Drum n Bass club have a much more relaxed club entry policy with regard to dress code although it's always worth checking beforehand.

Islington in North London is huge on Londons nightlife scene and although not many clubs has many late night bars with small basement clubs which usually only open on the weekends.

Many of these are not even classed as London clubs but nethertheless fill a huge gap in the market and cater nicely for late night bar hopping customers just out enjoying the London nightlife scene that the capital has to offer.

London clubs come in all different shapes and sizes, most West End clubs tend to have an average capacity of 500 while some of the larger night clubs in London have capacities of 2000+

The larger London clubs tend to be more DJ and music driven with a specific music policy and high profile DJ's whereas clubs in the West End tend to be a lot more commercial with the focus more on drinking and ambience.

Remember there is a whole lineup of popular night clubs in London giving everyone a good experience of Londons nightlife scene and we hope you've found our London clubs page useful.

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