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A guide to RnB Clubs in London

Our guide to some of the more popular London RnB clubs in the capital…

People are always on the hunt for good R&B clubs and nights in London, however they are scarce especially on the weekends and often flooded with students looking for cheap alcohol and DJs spinning your average top 40 anthems and club classics.

If the congestion of the West End doesn’t appeal to you on the weekend then there’s always the City of London to consider.

Up until a few years ago the City of London was like a ghost-town on the weekend but now most of the venues in the city are competing with the West End and other London clubs and are open for business on the weekend.

These venues usually get booked by private club promoters for more specialist club nights ranging from African, Polish, German, Ghanian and Mauritian to Sri-Lankan, Oriental and Asian nights.

The crowds that attend these events are very clued up and know that they’ll not get the particular style of music or community spirit at some of the more commercial clubs in London and so choose to attend these club nights which are usually run on a rotational bi-weekly or monthly basis. If you’re thinking of attending one of these club nights it’s best to check with the club promoter running that particular night for bookings etc as the venues tend to leave it up to them for bookings and ticket sales etc.

Here at London Groove we’re big fans of the City of London for it’s ease of access, no congestion, loads of parking plus there are no street touts like in the West End trying to entice you into the clubs their working for.

We’ve now been in the City of London for over 5 years running our Soul Saturdays weekly club night first at Prohibition and now at The Anthologist since April 2010 which is by far the classiest venue in the City for Saturday night clubbing.

Due to the popularity of The Anthologist we also operate Dado 54 just a mile away in Farringdon where we run our second London Groove Soul Saturdays club night.

Friday nights in the City of London used to always just be about after work drinks for the city suits but now many of the bars open later and run club nights till 2 or 3am and the City now sees a number of people travelling in from the suburbs to party in these bars which are seen as a nice alternative to some of the more pricey London nightclubs.

Our Friday club night at Yager Bar which is conveniently located opposite St. Pauls Catherdal is where we do exactly that, turn a bar night into a club night that goes on till 3am and is packed every Friday, again our customers prefer it to the more expensive London clubs in the West End.

In addition to our weekly club nights we also do our New Years Eve parties at these venues too as again, they’re the prefect location, within easy access to tube stations and away from all of the congestion of the West End with it’s road closures on NYE.

With RnB music now dominating the charts and becoming more and more mainstream, wherever you’re out enjoying the London nightlife at one of the many nightclubs in London or one of the late night DJ bars you’re bound to hear some of the more commercial RnB tracks that are out there at the moment.
We hope you’ve found this informative and interesting, happy partying.