Kim Is Sleeping Beside Kanye in Hopsital & Stops Reality Show Till 2017!

Kim Is Sleeping Beside Kanye in Hospital Fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s are trying to be understanding to the troubles facing Kim since being robbed in Paris 8 weeks ago. However, the strain of that vicious attack has taken it’s toll on her husband Kanye who is still in hopsital suffering from extreme mental exhaustion, and paranoia.

Kim Kardashian has decided to shutdown the production of show with all filming to be ceased untill 2017, they are still within the contactual rights of the agreement as there is plenty of footage for them to use. Sadly it means there will be no 2016 Christmas episodes featuring this years celebrations, but that is understandable and the family are more focused on re-evaluting their priorities.

Sources close to the family say Kim has been ‘re-thinking everything’ since the robbery, the reality star hasn’t posted anything on Instagram since that devastating day, and since Kanye’s hospitalisation last week she has been sleeping by his bed side. It’s been reported that the rapper, whos music is played across all the best birthday party venues in London town is still not stable and will have to stay longer in the Ronald Regan Medical Center in Los Angeles, lets hope things impove for them soon.

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