Kanye Handcuffed & Hospitalized Over Psychotic Breakdown & Sleep Deprivation

Kanye Handcuffed & Hospitalized Over Psychotic Breakdown & Sleep DeprivationKanye West has been showing signs of stress over the past few days during his tour in LA, fans had complained about the star only performing two songs and then ranting about his policital views where he’s been apparently supporting Donald Trump and telling people to stop moaning about racism and Americas deep south slavery past!

The rapper whos mucis is played across many London and Blackfriars bars and pubs is at the center of his family and friends worrying due to severe sleep deprivation causing the star to suffer paranoia and causing a disturbance to which the police were called.

On arrival to his home, the police had to handcuff Yeezy for his own safety when he was advised to be admitted to UCLA Medical Center for exhaustion, for this reason his tour has been cancelled and Kim rushed to be by his bedside. The reality TV star was in New York for a special charity event in honour of her late father when she received the call about her husbands situation.

Kim’s mother Kris Jenner told the press that her son in law ‘is exhausted, he’s just really tired, he’s had grueling tour and it’s been a grind, so he just needs to rest’. Watch this space for updates, get well soon Yeezy!

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