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That’s A Huge Diamond Ring! Is Rob Kardashian Engaged To Blac Chyna?

Is Rob Kardashian engaged to Blac Chyna?It seems that Blac Chyna is becoming a very powerful women, she has showcased her power by being the only women able to get Rob Kardashian out of hiding.

Not even his Kardashian family of sisters or mother Kris Jenner could lift Rob out of his depressed state, but it seems love has been the answer to take his mind off his problems and help him find his self worth again.

Although his family are glad that he’s not being a recluse anymore by taking public outings with his new girlfriend Blac Chyna, they are very concerned that Chyna is using him for fame especially since she’s been an enemy of the family since Kylie Jenner stole her baby daddy Tyga whose party anthems are played across London Groove parties in the city.

However despite all of the above it seems Chyna and Rob’s relationship is going from the strength to strength and now that she’s wearing a massive diamond ring on her left hand, the media are wondering if they’re engaged or simply stirring the pot.

Blac Chyna shared a picture of her massive ring on Instagram along with the caption ‘YES!’, she and Rob were later pictured going to Ace of Diamonds strip club in LA. This love story is getting rather juicy, so watch this space for updates as we await answers and see how the family feel about their brothers new antics.

Jay Z & Beyonce Take Blue Ivy To The White House For Easter Special

Jay Z & Beyonce take Blue Ivy to the White House for EasterThe popular music family enjoyed spending Easter Monday together as they attended a very special Easter egg hunt held by the Obama administration for what will be the last time, as a new President will be occupying the most famous white painted house in the world next month.

Blue Ivy was dressed in a cute little outfit with a fluffy jacket and of course rabbit ears as she held her mother Beyonce’s hand with daddy Jay Z by their side. The four-year old was excited to meet special guests at the White house such as Sesame Street stars Cookie Monster, Elmo and more.

Beyonce was looking perfect for spring wearing a white laced pencil skirt with a pink and white shirt, heels and dark glasses. Jay Z was casually smart in a white and black striped T-Shirt with a black Blazer over the top with black jeans and trainers.

The prestigious event was attended by lots of celebrities including NBA legend Shaq, Grey’s Anatomy writer Shonda Rhimes, and Frozen singer Idina Menzel to sung short rendition of ‘Let It Go’ joking “im going to do a song that your parents are probably pretty sick of right now’.

Watch this space for updates on Beyonce and Jay Z as we continue to play their anthems at our London Groove parties and countdown to the Formation World Tour.

Rob Kardashian Deletes Blacc Chyna Pics To Protect Relationship Privacy!

Rob Kardashian deletes Blacc Chyna pics to protect relationship!As usual the world of celebrity is constantly moving fast Usain Bolt style, and if you’re a Kardashian fan that likes to follow the various siblings on Twitter or Instagram then you would’ve awoken to find all romantic pictures have been deleted by Rob Kardashian.

Obviously this move caused bloggers and media reporters to assume Rob and Blacc Chyna split up, however to diffuse inaccurate gossip the recluse brother uploaded a picture of the pair with a mini statement which explains that he has ‘not broken up’ but instead the couple feel their relationship will be healthier by keeping more to themselves.

Rob continued to state that its pretty much ‘impossible to have a positive relationship’ especially with so much ‘negative media’ attention from outsiders, so now they’re pushing towards privacy and hope people can respect their wishes. He signed the caption with ‘ChyRo ‘ which is the combination of both their names.

Their complex relationship has certainly caused plenty of controversy and war amidst the family especially with his little sister Kylie Jenner in a relationship with Blacc’s baby father Tyga, this story is packed with more drama than Eastenders and Coronation Street combined, so watch this space for updates and enjoy partying to Tyga anthems across London Groove parties when you're next out!

Chris Brown Curses Fans For Complaining About His Pyramid Clothing Prices!

Chris Brown curses fans for complaining about his Pyramid Clothing pricesChris Brown has expanded on his Pyramid Clothing Line by increasing the collection to contain a wide variety of pieces of hoodies, tee’s, shirts, caps, jackets and many more.

However despite loving the range, fans weren’t too impressed with the expensive prices and felt the garments were breaking the bank, defending his West Coast style casual clothing Breezy recorded a video expressing his views to which he said ‘cry me a f**king river you b**ch ni**as killing over Jordan’s, waiting outside for Yeezy’s for days.”

Chris continued to state that his prices are not too high as they are similar to that of popular high street stores like H&M and Zara, he continued to rant at his fans saying “how you complaining about $70 shirts, $90 when you buy 10-15albums?”. The fact that he called out Yeezy’s and even Jordan prices are fair when those sneakers are easily priced in the hundreds.

But we don’t think it’s wise for the singer to curse his fans when they’ve stuck by him through thick and thin. The singer has been blowing off steam a lot lately, he recently had yet another Instagram row with his ex Karrueche, and had a very intense with a former songwriting buddy.

On the plus he’s also been linked to Kendall Jenner on matters of the heart as the pair were apparently spotted enjoying a night out in Paris, so watch this space for updates and enjoy partying to his anthems played across London RnB parties soon.

Did Kanye Hack Kim’s Twitter Acc To Beef With Bette Midler Over Nude Selfies?

Did Kanye hack Kim’s Twitter a/c to beef with Bette MidlerOnce again the Kardashian’s are in the media again, but this time it’s sex tape queen Kim who has managed break the internet again with nude photos.

The mum of two and wife of Kanye West decided to post some old snaps of herself posing naked in her bathroom, however the pictures have been received with much criticism from fellow celebrities including Chloe Mortetz and legendary actress Bette Midler.

The Beaches star tweeted her irritation of seeing yet more of Kim’s naked body, full of sarcasm she added "if Kim wants us to see a part of her we’ve never seen, she’s gonna have to swallow the camera”, Chloe Mortez also expressed that women are more than a object, so when Kim tweets her body it sends a bad example to all her younger followers.

Fans of the star were waiting for the reality TV star to reply and a series of tweets were posted to Bette Midler by Kim however they sounded more like Kanye with words such as ‘sorry I’m late to the party guys was busy cashing 80million from my video game’. Another Kanye sounding tweet appeared from Kim saying ‘hey Bette its past your bedtime, send nude pics #Just Kidding’.

Unless Kim was in a mischievous mood we’re sure it was Kanye unless she was with her sister Khloe who also has no problem letting her feelings be known. There’s been no confession from Kim as to whether or not her account was hijacked by her sister or husband so watch this space for updates and enjoy partying to Yeezy anthems across more RnB clubs in London town this weekend.

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