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Kylie Jenner Admits To Having Lip Fillers After Months of Lying..

Kylie Jenner Admits To Having Lip FillersKylie Jenner has been the talk of the town for the past year or so since her lips suddenly increased in size making the 17 year old reality TV star look completely different.

The youngest sister of Kardashian clan had always looked youthful with very thin lips, however during 2014 the stars Instagram selfies began to get more extreme, and fans started recorginzing that her pouting wasn’t simply her pushing out her lips but rather magical bigger lips.

Whenever Kylie has been quizzed about her new lips she’s denied having any surgery, but recently the teen star was at the center of controversy when fans got carried away with '#kyliejennerchallenge' due to Kylie challenging them to blow their lips using shots glasses or bottles to look like her.

Another incident saw the baby mother of Tyga’s son posting a picture on Instagram mocking Kylie’s new lips with two pringles in her mouth and since Kylie’s been unofficially dating the rapper played across London Groove parties, there has been unrest between his ex China her best friend Amber Rose feuding with the Kardashians.

All beef aside Khloe encouraged Kylie to tell the truth as the more she denies it, she looks likes like a liar so the star admitted to having temporary lip fillers to boost her lips as the lack of them has been one of her insecurities, so watch this space for updates.

Jamie Foxx Laughs Telling Ellen His National Anthems Vocals Were ‘A Little Off’!

Jamie Foxx admits his National Anthems vocals were a 'Little Off’The R&B singer had the great honor of singing the national anthems at the huge Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

However what the world expected to be a decent vocal from the man that portrayed Ray Charles and won an Oscar, instead turned into a bit of a car wreck, as his vocals didn’t blend so well wit the organ player raising a few eyebrows, and making him the trending topic on Twitter.

Jamie Foxx recently appeared on Ellen DeGeneres talk show to promote his new album, and indeed discuss the embarrassing moment that the comedian who loves laughing at others became the joke of nation.

The Django Unchained actor stated that his earpiece had fallen out so he couldn’t hear the organ against the big crowd auditorium, he added ‘'So some of it was a little off, but in the arena it killed. The telecast was a little off. But ya know we still love America!'

Many fans had a good laugh tweeting Jamie Fox to ask why his vocals were off and telling him he should ‘Blame it on the Alcohol’ like his club classic played across London Groove RnB Fusion parties at Yager Bar most weekends.

Beyonce Kim K, JLO & Rihanna Stand Out At The Met Gala In New York!

Beyonce Kim K, JLO & Rihanna Stand Out At The Met GalaIt's hard to believe that a year ago Beyonce and Jay Z were making headlines worldwide for the infamous elevator incident between Jay Z and his sister in-law Solange as the family returned from the Met Gala 2014.

Fast-forward a year to Monday night and Beyonce was once again the talk of the town but merely for arriving fashionably late to the most high profile ball in entertainment. The Met Gala 2015 took center stage at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute with tickets for the gala rumored to be priced at a whopping $25,000 per ticket.

The biggest names walked the red carpet however Beyonce stole the show by arriving late and grabbing the final round of paparazzi attention in her see through Givenchy dress. The theme for this years gala was China: Through the Looking Glass and the ladies certainly ran with it wearing risky dresses baring lots of flesh with bling-bling embellishments. Kim Kardashian and Kanye arrived with the reality star wearing a white nude dress covered in Crystals courtesy of Robert Cavalli.

Rihanna was by all means the pop star with the most grand entrance as she wore a yellow Guo Pei clock with a train that was literally the length of the red carpet causing jaws to drop and requiring at least three people to assist her up the stairs.

JLO was dressed in fiery red showing all of her important assets however with stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Katy Perry, Diddy, Cassie and even Justin Bieber doing his best Michael Jackson prince charming impression, the fashion stakes were high and not everyone came out smelling of roses.

Be sure to check out the pictures online and enjoy partying to anthems by all of the above artists at London Groove parties this weekend.

JLO Rocks The Billboard Latin Music Awards & Honors Selena Quintanilla!

JLO Rocks The Billboard Latin Music AwardsThe stunning American Idol judge showed exactly why her advice is respected by contestants, because she knows exactly what she’s talking about when it comes to being a pop star and giving a sensational live performance.

JLo proved she’s much more than ‘Jenny from the Block’, she is in fact a superstar and the Billboard Latin Music Awards certainly felt the presence of the singer as she honored the legendary Mexican-American Selena Quintanilla who was shot and killed by her fan club president Yolanda Saldivar during an argument about theft 20 years ago.

Jennifer famously starred as Selena for the 1997 biopic so it was fitting for the 45-year old diva to perform five of Selena’s biggest hits during her Billboard performance. JLO’s performance included three costume changes plus one of the outfits paid tribute to Selena who loved to wear skimpy sequenced bra tops with tight fitted pants and heels.

The writer and director of the 1997 movie Gregory Nava was also sitting in the audience who all rose to their feet applauding Jennifer’s performance whilst she said ‘We Love you Selena’ and hugged the late star’s brother and sister who joined the singer and actress on stage.

You can be sure to enjoy partying to JLO’s RnB anthems at London Grooves Musiqology parties at Yager Bar this weekend.

Jessie J Rebels with Pink Hair Doo on Stage In New York After Unfollowing Twitter Fans!

Jessie J Rebels with Pink Hair Doo on Stage In New York After Unfollowing Twitter FansThe 27, year old ‘Price Tag’ singer has certainly been ruffling a few feathers this week, having angered fans on Twitter by simply unfollowing them.

Rocking a new pink hair doo Jessie J was the headline act at Webster Hall in New York on Wednesday evening. Performing some of her biggest hits from ‘Burning Up’, ‘Do It Like A Dude’, to her recent number 1 smash ‘Bang Bang’ which is still played across London Grooves Musiqology parties at Yager Bar.

However whilst she may not care about the opinion of fans regarding her hair colour, the star is also defending her unfollowing actions on Twitter, Jessie addressed her fans telling them 'My love and respect for anyone isn't based in a follow (sic). I didn't unfollow just all my fans. Please stop trying [to] create bad energy, I unfollowed half my followers.’

Although many are criticizing the star who in the past built her career on a strong gay following has since confused them with her new boyfriend with rumors stating that she isn’t gay or bisexual, ‘it was just a phase’.

Fans have been beefing with Jessie J on Twitter ever since, and her unfollowing antics this week have only added insult to injury, upon receiving rude and offensive tweets from her unfollowed followers she threatened ‘ when my thumb can be bothered I will unfollow the other half. Seriously guys.'

So beware, Jessie J is on the unfollowing war path so be nice and watch this space for updates.

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