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Are Kanye and Drake Really Making An Album Together?

Are Kanye and Drake Making An Album Together?Two of the world’s biggest MC’s have got rap fans in a frenzy today with news of a possible album collaboration causing Kanye and Drake to be trending topics on Twitter.

Kanye teased the crowd at Drake’s annual music festival OVO Fest in Toronto on Monday night having performed a few tracks from his latest album ‘The Life of Pablo’. In between tracks he addressed the crowd asking ‘Toronto I have one question to ask ya, Is Y’all ready for this album?”

The crowd cheered assuming he was refering to his own album, so to make it clear he stated “I’m not talking about Pablo, I wasn’t talkin about Views, Is ya’ll ready for this album? He then pointed to Drake who walked onto the stage stirring the crowd to major levels of excitement.

Kanye and Drake have collaborated on countless songs together, and with Kanye and Jay Z’s music streaming site Tidal, in a battle with Apple music this album could unify both sites in with a potential huge merger as Drake is one of Apple’s leading artist being streamed right now. Future meetings could be very interesting between all involved, not to mention the mere thought of a Kanye and Drake album which is actually massive news and DJs across R&B clubs in London will be eager to play that record when its ready.

Kanye Records Phone Call With Taylor Swift & Kim Plays It On SnapChat?

Kanye Records Phone Call With Taylor SwiftThings are getting seriously messy between Kanye West, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian, its seems like only a year or so ago when when these guys kissed and made up at the MTV awards, and were pictured kissing and hugging at the Grammy’s.

Now fast forward to July 2016 and its war between all three of them, the saga stems for a lyric on Yeezy’s song ‘Famous’ which is huge across London RnB clubs where he rhymes ‘for all my southside ni**as that know me best, I feel like me and Taylor might stiill have sex why? I made that b*tch fanous (god damn) I made that b*tch famous).

Taylor tweeted that she never approved the lyric or even heard the song before it came out, however Kanye states that he called Taylor from the studio. Now Yeezy’s wife is supporting him and she shared a video of the phone converstaion between Kanye and Taylor onto Snapchat causing a media frenzy.

In phone converstation you hear Kanye telling Taylor about the ‘have sex’ but he doesn’t discuss the ‘made that b*tch famous’, so naturally Taylor approved of the lyric without hearing the song.

Taylor’s lawyer has since demanded that Kim removes the video from the Social media platform and destroys it due to privacy violation, however it wasn’t a secret recording as Kanye was being fillmed and had Taylor on loud speaker with other producers in the room.

Swift tweeted her confusion at the fact that they recorded her, but states theres no proof that she apporved the “made that b*itch famous* line and doesn’t wish to be a part of this whole drama, so wtach this space for updates and enjoy partying to Kanye anthems across London Groove R&B parties.

Legend Chaka Khan Has Re-Entered Rehab For Dependence on Pain Meds!

Chaka Khan re-entered rehab for dependence on pain medsChaka Khan has to be one of the most loved Soul diva’s, her music continues to get played across London Groove Soul Saturdays parties with anthems such as ‘Aint Nobody’, and ‘I Feel For You’ amongst our favorites.

The singer has had a history of drug abuse of the decades, but has remained clean for many years, however with the recent death of her good friend Prince, who also was rumored to have a depency on prescribtion pain medication, Chaka has checked herself in voluntarily.

The rehabilitation and aftercare program is there to support Chaka khan and help her to ‘get healthy and stay that way’ so all of her July dates are postponed, however the outpatient doctors have advised Khan that if all is well she should be able to resume recording in a couple of weeks and return to touring in August.

We’re pleased that Chaka Khan is taking control and doing her best to avoid any future issues, she has the support of her family and friends and has recently tweeted to say “thank you everyone for your well wishes”, so watch this space for updates and enjoy partying to her classics across London parties in the city.

Tulisa Shocks Fans With New Face After Rumored Cosmetic Surgery!

Tulisa Shocks Fans With New Face After Rumored Cosmetic SurgeryIts seems Tulisa Contostavlos is on a mission to change her image in a literal sense, its no surprise when celebrities are always having lip and cheek fillers plus a bit of much loved botox all of which the former X Factor judge has admitted to over the years.

However when she shared an image of herself on Instagram with the caption ‘rise and shine’ her followers were alarmed at just how different her appearance seemed. One fan of her’s tweeted ‘Tulisa ruined her pretty face, so sad.’, others shared their opinion ‘Tulisa has had some sort of face transplant why do celebs to that to themselves’.

Although its not yet known the full extent of work the star has had done to transform her looks people feel as if she looked perfectly fine before all the nips and tucks, now she loos like a typical face from LA that doesn’t know when to stop. Lets hope she’s happy with her fuller lips, cheeks, and whatever else she’s had done and doesn’t go overboard.

Its fair to say the star looks completely different to her N-Dubz days, we’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear about the stars appearance, so watch this spsace for updates and enjoy partying across London Grooves R&B Lounge parties across the city.

Soul Star Jill Scott Marries Longtime Boyfriend Mike Dobson!

Jill Scott Marries Longtime Boyfriend Mike DobsonSoul star Jill Scott is officially living her life like it’s ‘golden’ as she married her longtime boyfriend in a low key wedding which has only been made public since the wedding DJ Mars uploaded pics to Instagram.

Bloggers and Newsoutlets have been reporting Jill’s good news since the snaps were shared online showing the award winning singer and actress beaming from ear to ear as her new husband made his wedding speech.

Mike Dobson certainly looked like the cat that got the cream as he told his guests how much he loves the singer and was fighting tears during the ceremony. Jill looked beautiful with her hair pulled back in braids wearing a low cut v neck wedding dress whist fanning herself in the hot reception.

The couples DJ is a longtime friend of Mike who stated that the groom approached him to DJ a year ago telling him to keep June 25th in his diary, he was shocked when he later was introduced to Mike’s bride to be only to find out it was Jill Scott, Mars caption added ‘damn homie, this wedding made my summer’.

The groom surprised Jill by inviting legendary rapper Big Daddy Kane to perform his classic anthems which are still played across  played here across RnB clubs in London town all the time. Congratulations to Jilly from Philly, we hope this marriage last a longtime and we receive lots of great new music as proof.

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