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Top of the Chops: Emmy Rossum

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When we’re enjoying the London nightlife, we don’t always want to look super sexy, sometimes a touch of finesse and ladylike grace are perfect for standing out from the under dressed crowds.  Emmy Rossum is one step ahead of us, highlighting her delicate features and tiny frame with this beautiful bun.  Pretend you’re in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and let elegance take care of the rest… daaaaahling.

Top of the Chops: Angelina Jolie

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We might not be able to achieve her perfect pout, or her statuesque figure, but finally we have found something of Angelina Jolie’s that we can recreate at home… her hair!  This sophisticated twisted top knot was ideal for showing off her Golden Globes gown, although we’ll be just as happy to take in for a spin in those London nightclubs.  Now how do we go about getting ourselves a Brad Pitt…?

Top of the Chops: Charlize Theron

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When we’re clubbing in London, we love finding exciting new ways to give our hair a new lease of life, and this intricate style from Charlize Theron is sure to keep our fingers busy!  French plait hair on both sides of the face always working to the left, so that your two plaits travel in the same direction.  Arrange the results into a side bun, in an artful display of your choosing, and pin securely.  The finished product will look so complicated that nobody will ever know how you did it… including you!

Top of the Chops: Rihanna

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Trend setting Rihanna switches up her style quicker than you can say ella-ella-ellla, with her latest penchant for red locks sending girls the world over to their nearest cosmetics counter for a ten minute home colourant replica.  Despite these fiercely fiery tresses, Ri-Ri manages to keep things ladylike with a formal french twist standing proud like a glowing red beacon of fabulousness, offsetting the height with a relaxed and ‘undone’ section up front and modern oversized hoops.  Try this look for your next night out in London, and watch that good girl go bad.

Style Snitch: Jessie J

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Birthday girl Jessie J took time out from her hectic schedule to party in London, taking a trip back to childhood in dungarees, pretty red shoes over patterned tights, and of course, a giant bunch of balloons!  The fashionable singer kept things up to date with a raunchy sheer top and a nautical blazer, paired with a severe ponytail and in your face red lips.  Whatever your age, it’s never to late to recapture those birthdays of our youth; we hope there was plenty of cake… and the bumps!

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Top of the Chops: Dianna Agron

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Gorgeous Glee star Dianna Agron has really got us in knots over this sophisticated low bun, which she used to wow crowds at the I Am Number Four premiere.  With her doll like features and long neck, this twist on the ballerina classic looked perfectly at home on the delicate actress.  When you next head out into the London nightlife, try this effect for yourself with a loose fringe, and artfully messy bun secured with hidden pins.  Keep the look modern with a casual parting and plenty of height at the crown.

Top of the Chops: Natalie Portman

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With Black Swan bringing aclaim, and the joys of motherhood fast approaching, newly engaged and expecting Natalie Portman is enjoying an exciting phase of both her professional and personal life, so it was no surprise to see her glowing with elegance at this years Screen Actor’s Guild Awards.  And it looks like the Oscar tipped star is taking her ballerina character home with her, using this dancer’s low bun to frame her delicate face.  To use this easy look for your next night out in London, pin sections of hair in a random order at the nape of the neck, after dividing hair into a dramatic side parting.

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