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Sometimes random people would show up to his house for a few days then leave. Presumably they were his friends taking advantage of his nice place. But they never brought the mail in or got the lawn mowed or raked leaves, those sorts of things. The poster sessions connect academic insights and evidence with policy making. They highlight a selection of innovative research on integrity, anti corruption and trade, resulting from a competitive Call for Papers by the OECD. Research covers topics such as Collective Action, Countering Illicit Trade, Proofing Supply Chains against Corruption, Corruption in Infrastructure Projects and the Impact of International Conventions to prevent Corruption..

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In 2015, more than 210 million people had malaria, with an estimated 429,000 dying from the disease. That same year, more than 1.4 million people were thought to have chikungunya a debilitating disease causing fever and joint pain and each year, 390 million people are estimated to become infected with dengue, according to the World Health Organization. Yellow fever continues to cause outbreaks in Africa and South America, and 2015 saw an explosion of the Zika virus in 70 countries that had never experienced it before..

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Laura GeiserThere’s this great Samuel Beckett quote I like to repeat to myself in a fired-up, Oprahwould- high-five-me kind of way: “Ever tried, ever failed, no matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” It’s that last part with its catchy cadence that I make my mantra as I pretend that’s the kind of person I am: out on a limb, tireless, fearless, unencumbered by expectations. No shame: There’s honor in failure! Fail better! Make it count! – Continue Reading BelowBut while the kind of person who busts out that quote and means it is who I want to be, it’s not who I am. When doubt creeps in and I suspect I don’t have what it takes to pull something off, I’m not noble or poetic. I’m altogether resistant. And when it comes to my wardrobe… check, please. As a kid, I loved fashion for its glamour and otherworldliness—the same reason I wanted to be She-Ra, Princess of Power—but neither ever struck me as attainable. College was Northwestern’s journalism school, where conspicuously doing crossword puzzles in pen counted as flirtation and fashion was synonymous with fleece. So after landing, somewhat inexplicably, at a fashion magazine, I was relieved that jeans trumped business suits, but oh, how new I was. To wit, jeans are not just jeans—there’s an ever-changing right color and cut. And if you thought working mostly with women is like a slumber party where you show up unshaven and sporting flannel— wrong again. Close up, fashion isn’t a fantasy but a business, a precarious enterprise with distinct seasons and even more distinct faux pas. So I followed the mellow brick road all the way to smug and said: I give up. I won’t risk ending up a fashion hamster—exhausting myself trying, never quite pulling it off—but I will always, always know where the comma goes. And the rest of you label-obsessed waist-cinchers and foot-pain-bearers can work at looking strut-worthy, but no way can you spell carburetor or kick my ass in Scrabble. Right? The fashion-industry reality, however, is that your look is an endorsement of your own ambition: Anything goes, but everyone notices. And anyone who’s failing better than me is also more likely to succeed. – Continue Reading BelowLaura GeiserIf this is all starting to sound like the fashion identity crisis in The Devil Wears Prada, well, it is. In the movie, you’ll remember, Anne Hathaway’s Andy Sachs is forced to realize that her aversion to fashion isn’t helping her career or life; fashion is art, expression, an industry born of innovation but constantly feeding on history; all this frivolous nonsense is anything but. That’s where the similarities end. Andy hails from Hollywood, where a magazine’s fashion closet is a free-for-all and pivotal transformations are set to pop music and take three and a half minutes. Here in the real world, my salary hardly covers breakfast, let alone a wow-inducing wardrobe. A metamorphosis like Andy’s wouldn’t take a pop song; it would take a village. Enter the battalion: Seth, the label lover who dismisses all my shoes as “orthopedic sandals”; Annie, spewer of diplomatic lines like, “You have your own thing going— that’s cool!”; and Jade, the market editor for whom black is always the new black. – Continue Reading Below – Continue Reading BelowThe goal: to wrestle me out of my loose cottons and tap into the potential they saw that I always felt too intimidated to explore. They got me into a Banana Republic short print dress and vintage motorcycle jacket (this passes as professional garb—believe it!), but I soon found out that these were merely an homage to the shoes: Christian Louboutin black patent leather six-inch spiked heel platforms. “I always dress from the shoe up,” Jade told me as I stuffed my cowering feet into those twin peaks of glamour. Or is it torture? After an hour, I thought I needed X-rays. But they were magnificent. I felt a bit like an impostor, but I also felt smarter, not just sexier. I walked differently: In shoes like those, you must focus on every step, as if learning the tango. The confidence of your own swagger seduces you. I swaggered into our editorial meeting that morning, and the reaction was instant. Shock mixed with shock. Some asked me if I was going on interviews. Others used words like sex bomb and awesome. In the lobby rkliedtke.de , the security guard—who each day acts like he’s never seen me before and makes me rifle through my bag for my ID as I murmur, “Two and a half years…you’ve got to be kidding me”—said nothing but “You look nice rkliedtke.de ,” and waved me through. All day, I had the feeling I belonged wherever I was—and a subsequent pang of despair that maybe the “impostor” was who I was yesterday, the girl masquerading in the baggy jeans and orthopedic sandals. Laura Geiser – Continue Reading BelowThe next day, Seth was beaming. “We got you some skinny jeans.” Ah, yes—the “right” kind. “No!” I protested. “Uh-uh. No. I draw the line at those…things.” Skinny jeans, with their ’80s tapered leg and overdose of spandex, are a trend I’ve avoided to the point of anger. They perfectly embody why I shun trends in the first place: Not only are you obviously trying, but you’re trying to look like everyone else! But Seth wouldn’t leave until I sucked it up, sucked it in, and pulled on the jeans, all the while thinking (1) I have blatantly sold out, and (2) Is that my butt? Wow. “Something weird is happening to me,” I said, as Seth rolled his eyes as if to say, Finally. “Don’t tell anyone,” I whispered, “but I never want to take these off.” And then: “Please don’t make me give them back.” That night, I met up with Rachel, an old friend who’s been forever plagued by gorgeousness and charm. She’s never met a boy who didn’t start out lust-struck and end up tormented. I wore the jeans, wore the shoes, did my hair, put on makeup. Nothing was going to show up her effervescence, but it’s about trying, right? Failing better.The entire night, I could barely blink without attracting another hovering guy. I don’t know if it was the jeans, but—no, I know it was the jeans. I don’t know for sure that it was the way they looked, but I do know for sure that it was the way I felt. Back at home, I wondered why I had always been so wary of caring too much, trying too hard. For one thing, it’s the fear that dressing to impress is announcing, “I’ve scoured my brain, my very soul, and it turns out that this is all I’ve got going for me.” But why am I worrying about someone else’s ability to see past my cocktail ring? Isn’t that ultimately their problem? There’s one thing that all women know, though many of us worry we’ll be crucified for admitting it in a postfeminist world: Turning heads is a bona fide high that never, ever gets old. And if I beat myself up for chasing that high, I’m making it more important than a pair of heels ever could. Christian Louboutin never hurt anyone.

Work-It Girl

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You can tape it in place with painters canada goose coats tape

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Canada Goose Jackets DIY DecorationsKitchen wall art is https://www.alifeoutofdebt.com difficult to find. Unless you love the season’s most popular trends, it can be tricky to find something that is kitchen appropriate and fits in the (frequently) limited wall canada goose factory sale space available. This tutorial shows you how to transform an unused cutting board in to a personalized piece of wall art. The project is low cost and easy. It t doesn’t matter if you have never painted or made a decoration before in your life you can still design and create your uk canada goose outlet own home decor.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Materials Needed to Canada Goose Jackets Decorate Cutting BoardThis craft is the perfect way to upcycle an old, worn canada goose coats on sale out cutting board. canada goose black friday sale As you can see in the picture to the right, my cutting board was very worn, and canada goose store even cracked. Any wood cutting board will work, but make sure to canada goose uk shop pick one with at least one hole or handle if you want to hang it.

Canada Goose Outlet Craft paints are another must have. Acrylic craft paints are easy to find in craft canada goose clearance stores or online and can be purchased for less than $1 a bottle. You also need some way of spreading the paint on to the board. You can use a brush, sponge, or even a piece of plastic. However, if you want to stencil, canada goose uk black friday you do need either a flat bristled brush or a sponge to apply the paint.

canada goose clearance Finally, you need some sort of additional decorative element. I cannot draw, so I chose to purchase Martha Stuart’s Nautical stencils to match the rest of my beachy dcor. You can use stencils, make a collage, draw, or whatever Canada Goose Parka else you would like it’s your board! However, this tutorial cheap canada goose uk focuses on using stencils Canada Goose Online because they are an easy way for people of all ages and artistic skill levels to make high quality Canada Goose online home decorations.

Canada Goose Parka Paint the Cutting BoardFirst, unless you are the world’s tidiest painter, protect your work space with a piece of plastic. I used a plastic bag, and it worked perfectly. Then, before you even think about opening a bottle of paint, develop a plan. Decide what paint colors you want to use and how you want to decorate the board. Place your stencils on the board to see how various designs would look.

canada goose clearance sale After Canada Goose Coats On Sale you have a plan, apply your base paint colors. I used two different blues as my primary colors, and applied them using a technique described by theraggededge in her hub called “Techniques for Mixed Media Layering.” She cheap Canada Goose advises cafters to canada goose apply a layer of paint and, while buy canada goose jacket it is still wet, scrape a second color of paint across it with an old credit card. I painted the board dark blue by applying some paint and scraping it short way across Canada Goose Outlet the board’s width with an unused store bonus card. Then, I applied the lighter blue paint and scraped it lengthwise, down the board. Finally, I used a spray bottle with very watered down white paint to mist the board and give it a whitecap/sea foam appearance. The board’s look fits my kitchen dcor perfectly, but you should use colors and a paint application process that meshes with your dcor. If you are not familiar with applying and layering paint, theraggededge’s hub is fantastic.

canada goose black friday sale How to StencilAfter allowing your base coat to dry, you are ready to stencil. Stenciling is easy, but you uk canada goose must hold the stencil firmly in place to prevent it from slipping. You can tape it in place with painters canada goose coats tape or, for a small design using only one color of paint, hold it securely with your non dominat hand. When you stencil, you should either use a flat bottomed brush or an art sponge. Either way, tap straight up and down. If you brush in strokes, you run the risk of forcing paint under the stencil and ruining the design.

Once you have applied the paint, carefully peel the stencil away from the board so you do not smudge the design. Finally, clean the stencil immediately with a paper towel or by running it under water. If you do not clean it and use it again on the same project, you will probably accidentally smear wet paint somewhere unwanted. Also, make sure to let a newly painted design dry before using the stencil again. This eliminates the risk of setting the stencil down on top of earlier design elements, which could smudge them.

canada goose store If you are unfamiliar with how to stencil, watch the video below. I made it while stenciling a different project, so you will not see the cutting board, but the technique is exactly the same. For just a few dollars of supplies, you can turn an unwanted cutting board into a cute piece of kitchen wall dcor with any colors and designs you like. Mine happens to be beachy, but you could easily use stencil and stamps to alifeoutofdebt create canadian goose jacket seasonal dcor I’ve seen some pretty cute pumpkin stamps in buy canada goose jacket cheap the store! Because they are easy to make, but look fantastic, decorated cutting boards could also make good personalized gifts for friends and family.

cheap Canada Goose I hope you enjoy this project and please let me know if you have any questions!

buy canada goose jacket Terrye canada goose uk outlet Toombs 5 years ago from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map.

Canada Goose online I always see old cutting boards at second hand stores but am afraid to buy them to use in the kitchen. This, however, would be a GREAT use for them. Awesome ideas! Voted up and more and shared on pin, etc. :)Thank you! Reading/seeing theraggededge’s multimedia painting techniques has changed my world!

canada goose coats Tammy 5 years ago from North Carolina

canada goose What a neat project! I love the paint technique Canada Goose sale used here. It actually looks washed. The nautical touch is nice too. Gorgeous and well done!Thank you for the complements, prasetio30. I’m glad you enjoyed and appreciate the vote!

canada goose deals prasetio30 5 years ago from malang indonesia

canadian goose jacket Very inspiring hub. We still have more spaces to add another decorative item. You are very talented, my friend. Thanks for share with us. canada goose clearance sale Voted up : ).

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