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Avs returned to the streets of Quartier Petit Champlain at

In all other departments Alisson looked commanding, especially when the tide turned against Liverpool after a blistering start. They scored through Sadio Mane on eight minutes. Yet by the time that Roberto Firmino had added a second at the end of the first half, Claude Puel’s team were back in the game.

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Trend Twins: Iggy Azalea VS. Ciara

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Last night’s MTV Video Music Awards had a record amount of skin on display, but Iggy Azalea and Ciara took the nudity to another level with barely there gowns.  With sequin detailing covering their assets, the girls used gold and soft pink shades combined with flimsy sheer fabric to create the illusion of wearing next to nothing.  Both ladies made the most of their sexy shape by using the over one shoulder pose, making sure the cameras snapped plenty of derriere pics.  We might not be quite so brave to wear this bottom flashing style to clubs in London, but a cheeky glimpse of flesh here and there would give your evening a naughty edge.  Trend twins… but who wins?

If you are coming directly from the airport or if you want to

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The drama provides hidden keys to the past

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Si vous aimez moi et que vous en avez marre de vous sentir

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