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Has Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Watson gone soft?  We love her girly makeover on todays Fashion Blog

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Although Made In Chelsea cast member Lucy Watson isn’t exactly famed for being a delicate wallflower, the usually fiesty reality tv star looked surpisingly soft and gentle as she chose a floaty ballet skirt and chic striped top for a recent red carpet appearance.

Stepping out at the 2015 National Television Awards, Miss Watson snubbed a traditional gown in favour of this more low key feminine two piece outfit, using girly curls and low key makeup to complete the effect.  Even Lucy’s shoes didn’t escape the ladylike makeover, with marabou fluff adorning the front of her black courts, and a fun Lulu Guinness eye clutch bag showed the playful side of the London socialite.

Despite her eye popping Chelsea funds, it’s nice to know that even those with plenty in the bank know the benefit of dressing up a casual piece, and we’ll be certain to follow Lucy’s lead and give one of our everyday tops a new lease of life when we’re heading out to a London nightspot.

Now we just have to wait for the new series to return… gah!

Remember to check out our London Groove fashion blog which is updated daily by fashion columnist Sarah Jane Darcey, plus we look forward to seeing you at our London Grooves Valentines party at The Anthologist and Musiqology club nights at Yager Bar pretty soon.

Are you ready for romance?  Our countdown to Valentines Day continues..

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With only a few days left before Valentine’s Day, we’re putting some serious thought into our outfit planning!

Whether you’re looking forward to a romantic date night, or heading out with single friends to enjoy the London nightlife, you’ll be needing to look your best when cupid comes calling!

One way to up the style factor this February the 14th is to pair your traditional red pieces with some statement leopard print, adding a sexy twist to the loved up proceedings.

Red lipstick and matching nails are a great way to give a vampy effect, especially when paired with retro cat eye shades and animal print clutch bag.

Killer heels are also a must for us to feel at our most feminine, but we’ll be giving them a Valentine’s twist by showing the love and treating ourselves to these heart covered beauties by Charlotte Olympia, although at £990, we won’t be wearing them for just one night a year!

Whether a night of passion is on the cards or not, we’ll be making the most of the celebrations to ensure that this year is our most alluring yet!

Watch this space for more Valentines hints and be sure to book onto the Yager bar guestlist for London Groove parties this weekend in the City of London and celebrate Valentines Day R&B style.

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There are songs that praise God and there are songs that

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Really dear, you cannot diagnose pregnancy based on any list

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Tagline: New mum Mila Kunis wowed at her red carpet comeback

thumb image

Top Of The Chops: Mila Kunis

If ever there was a way to make a reappearance into the spotlight after having a baby, then this is surely it, as actress Mila Kunis made her red carpet debut as a new mum looking better than ever this week.

Looking trim and glowing, there was no sign of sleepless nights for this Hollywood beauty, who gave the impression of being serene, relaxed and radiant as she attended a film premiere.

A key component of this glorious comeback was having such perfectly styled hair, with Mila’s team working wonders to provide the new parent with bouncy, voluminous curls that looked healthy and frizz free.

To capture this classic retro feel, try parting your hair to the side before you get to work with a large barreled curling tong, and tuck or pin the smallest side behind the ear.

We love Mila’s extra subtle higlights, with just a few caramel streaks woven into the hair for a naturally sunkissed effect, and we’ll be giving our hair a deep condition and using plenty of styling protection spray to replicate Mila’s shine. If only all of us could look this fabulous while changing nappies!

Watch this space for Mila Kunis updates, and be sure to book onto the Yager bar guestlist for London Groove parties this weekend in the City of London and celebrate Valentines Day in R&B style.

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