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Will Kelly Brook crack America?  Looking like this she will!

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As Kelly Brook continues to try and crack America, the British model and actress turns out another classic appearance in this cutesy blue summer dress.

Back to her happy, smiley best, Kelly looked gorgeous as she posed up a storm for the waiting paps at an event in the States this week.  With our own weather finally on the up, we’re looking forward to stepping out in some sweet dresses just like this one, with Miss Brook using a skater shape to hold everything in while showing off her toned and tanned legs.

Bold prints are always fun at this time of year, so look out for geometric shapes and bright colours just like Kelly’s choice of blue.  Pairing the look with nude court shoes makes Kelly’s pins look even longer, and makes us long for a summery tan that we can show off.

Kelly’s shiny loose curls complete this fun look, with the leggy lovely opting for a rose toned nude lipstick to compliment her bronzed skin and neutral eyeshadow to make her brown eyes pop.  Watch out America!

Bored of the straighteners? Be a curly girl like Rebecca Ferguson..

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We all know that big is beautiful, and that sentiment is especially true when it comes to hair!  We’re so used to seeing former X Factor contestant Rebecca Ferguson with sleekly ironed hair that it’s always fun to see her working a more natural curly barnet as she did for a television appearance this week.

These corkscrew curls give a Diana Ross quality to the singer, complimenting her jet black hair to perfection.  If you’re not the proud owner of these perky curls naturally, you’ll need to invest in a curling wand with a small barrel to achieve this tight, bouncy effect, and don’t forget to apply plenty of serum to keep the frizz at bay.

Ideal for a fun evening out at a London party, this bold hair style should be worn with confidence, as it’s a style that’s sure to turn heads! Happy Rebecca chose to celebrate her new do by pairing it with a cheerful orange dress, piling on even more colour with a statement lipstick.  Pair with a cheeky smile and wave those straighteners goodbye!

A lot of evidence has suggested gut health and mental health

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NBC’s “Today” and MSNBC aired an interview of the lawyer on Tuesday. It’s her first public comment since Trump Jr. Acknowledged that he made time for the meeting hoping to get information on Clinton, his father’s Democratic presidential opponent. Twenty two of the 23 families in the gaming group finished the six month program. Children and parents in the gaming group completed 94% of the gaming sessions and attended 93% of the video chat sessions. You don intervene with kids who are overweight, often their health risk factors and health behaviours worsen over time, said Dr Staiano..

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Some reports indicate that the Short Line on the Monopoly

Bob has won several Associated Press awards, including first place for investigative journalism. Bob says he enjoys investigative work because he always wants to a difference. His recent efforts included several years of reporting on the 1976 death of a Susquehanna County attorney, Martin Dillon.

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Train passengers reported being stuck on Amtrak and NJ Transit trains for hours Sunday night, while some trains moved in reverse to let passengers off at other stations. Amtrak said 2,400 passengers were affected and that trains were being brought into other stations for people to get other transportation. It wasn clear when the Elizabeth station would be open, a threat to cause major issues on the Monday morning commute into New York..

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Tired of the ombre hair trend?  Beyonce switches things up..

thumb image

When the weather gets warmer and thoughts of summer start to creep onto our radar, we’re always tempted to hit the hairdressers, or the local hair dye aisle, and lighten up our locks in anticipation of all the beach trips, London parties and festivals we’ll be enjoying over the coming months.

Getting inspiration for that new do can be hard to come by, especially as the ombre trend for lighter ends and darker roots has been around for several years now.

Luckily, superstar Beyonce has come up with a new twist on the effect, deciding to take her ombre from front to back rather than from bottom to top.

Having the hair around her face as the lightest shade, and moving back to a more brunette look at the back provides B with a sunkissed style without exposing all of the hair to damage from harsh bleaching.

Keeping hair curled and styled into this side parting emphasises the bohemian effect, as we imagine ourselves frolicking in the waves and sitting round camp fires with our sizzling new summer look.  To the salon!

With the weather finally showing signs of warming up take style notes from Freida Pinto

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With the weather finally showing signs of warming, there’s hope on the horizon that it may soon be time to ditch the woolly jumpers and step out in bare legs, as spring announces its arrival with a few days of sunshine across London.

With evenings and early mornings still retaining their chill, this transitional time of year can be a real challenge for our wardrobes, but actress Freida Pinto is having no trouble in getting it just right.

In a look that’s ideal for changeable April weather, Freida stepped out wearing a lightweight striped dress, paired with an elegant mid-season cream coat.  With her nautical frock, Miss Pinto opted for classic red court shoes, ideal for matching her statement lipstick.

A timeless and practical black tote bag was the perfect finishing touch to this super chic outfit, giving us plenty of room to stash away all of our essentials without losing any fashion points.  We love the playful leopard print trim that can just be seen peeking out of Freida’s coat, adding a touch of fun to this ladylike look.

Is Jasmin Walia’s open front top a cleavage yes or an overexposed no?  You decide..

thumb image

With those TOWIE girls as dedicated to the cause of looking REEM and partying hard as ever, it was no surprise to see cast member Jasmin Walia getting her glam on and stepping out looking simply fabulous this week.

With the weather slowly but surely heating up, there are sure to be plenty of girls dusting off their bodycon outfits for that fun night out with us at London Groove.  White is always a great choice for summer, as it’s perfect for showing off that bronze tan, and stripes will always be a big nautical hit for the hotter months, ensuring that Jasmine is right on trend with this mini skirt.

Pairing it with a crop top, Jasmine has opted for a daring open front design, putting plenty of cleavage on display, although make sure you invest in some fabric tape to protect your modesty before attempting this look.

A nude bag and natural coloured heels brings the whole look together, with the addition of this extra colour ensuring that this outfit stays just the right side of the dreaded Essex Girl effect!

I’ve been to California twice

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One night in 1867, he was working with a lead acid battery when he spilled sulfuric acid onto the floor. It ran between the floorboards and onto his boss’s desk below. The next morning Edison was fired.. Narcissa was the only exception in her family, as all other children born to Blacks were named after stars or constellations. Bellatrix is a bright star in the constellation Orion and means female warrior in Latin. Sirius is the Dog Star, and his initial was SOB (Sirius Orion Black).

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Cheap Jerseys from china Place the bottles filled with water inside the refrigerator where there tends to be empty space. An excellent place to put them is at the back of the refrigerator on the top shelves. Also place a few bottles in the door. These acute instances don really speak to anything chronic or worrisome. As fans all we can hope for is he wants 8 years and he willing to take 11 or under. Optimistic considering he could easily get 13 a year from us based on % of cap wholesale jerseys from china, and would deserve it, but a boy can dream Cheap Jerseys from china.

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