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Nightclub Dress Code and Entry Policies

We all like to look good when we’re enjoying a night out on the town plus feel comfortable too. Yet sometimes, in between our wardrobe selection and the moment in the queue when we get turned away from this appealing night club we realise we should’ve chosen those smarter items instead.

There are times when blokes do tend to ignore the possibility that their choice of clothing maybe somewhat short of the clubs interpretation of what smart and fashionable is.

Leave your sportswear at home is the general rule of thumb if you’re going out partying to a London club. You may find the odd club that will let you in with trainers, but why risk it?

As for other clothing, collared shirts are generally the safest option to choose. Jumpers, sweaters and fashionable tops are ok as long as bold slogans and logos are avoided.
Many clubs take different approaches about Tee shirts also. Some will allow smart V neck Tee shirts or Polo Shirts providing their worn with a blazer or waistcoat and others will not.
Again the general rule here is choose wisely, it’s not advisable to turn up in a Tee shirt that looks like you’ve been sleeping in it or wearing it to the gym!

Trousers and chinos are always allowed, and if you are planning on wearing jeans remember to choose smart ones as many nightclubs will refuse entry to anyone wearing ripped or baggy jeans unless you’re going for that scruffy but trendy look which you can probably get away with in areas like Shoreditch, Hoxton or Hackney.

Don’t forget your choice of shoes and be carefull with Converse, Plimsoles, Vans or Boat shoes as some clubs will still see them as too casual.
Not only that but most clubs will not let you in if you’re wearing soft soled shoes as they are prone to scuffing the dancefloor!

Remember, there may be variations from club to club, but this general dress code above would prove suitable for most night clubs in London and if in doubt always check beforehand with the venue or promoter.

Photo I.D. is also essential as nearly all nightclubs have a challenge 21 or 25 entry policy.

Many venues also require photo I.D from everyone attending even if you look well above 25 years old as it may be part of their licensing terms that they have a club scanner and therefore must scan the I.D’s of everyone entering their premises. Suitable forms of nightclub identification are either a provisional or full drivers licence or passport. Student I.D’s, photocopies or pictures on a phone are not usually accepted.

 Below are our entry conditions for our weekly RnB club night in London every Friday at Dado 54 and Saturday night at Laurel Lounge 

·       The dress code is Stylish. Smart jeans are fine but NO Baggy Ripped or Scruffy Jeans.

·       Absolutely No Sportswear, Trainers, Converse, Vans or Boat Shoes and T Shirts will only be accepted if worn with a blazer or waistcoat.

·       Photo I.D (license or passport) is required as entry will be refused without it, (no copies or pics on a phone).

·       We ask guests to arrive in mixed groups as we do not allow in groups of guys.

·       We strongly advise guests not arrive under the influence of alcohol otherwise entry will not be permitted.

We hope you find this info useful and happy clubbing…

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