Ariana Grande – Everyday

Ariana Grande - EverydayThe rising star Ariana Grande is back with a new single giving us lots of #MondayMotivation to kick start this week and she’s packing lots of R&B/Rap swag as she collaborates with trap superstar Future on the sexually charged ‘Everyday’. This is the fourth single to be taken from her 3rd studio album ‘Dangerous Woman’ and we think it’s rather cool.

Produced by IIya Salmanzadeh who also created Ariana’s hit song ‘Problem’ plus enjoyed chart success with Fifth Harmony, Jennifer Lopez, Jessie J, Ellie Goulding and many more. In a similar vain to the anthem ‘Side to Side’ played across London R&B clubs, once again Grande is singing about sexual satisfaction, but rather than highlighting ‘soreness’ after hours of love making instead she is celebrating the fact that her lover gives her ‘that good shit’ EVERYDAY!

that good shit..

Speaking of teaming up with Future she said: "I knew I wanted to work with Future, but I didn't know if we could find the right song to do together because we're so different, but we found a dope vibe and it's very unique and exciting." Merging the world of pop with trap ‘Everyday’ is most certainly club friendly as she sings the repetitive of lines “he giving me that good shit, that make me not quite, that good shit,’ leading to the chorus “Oh he give it to me Everyday, everyday, everyday, he give it to me everyday, everyday, everyday”.

The video is very comical directed by Chris Marrs Piliero, it features Ariana singing in the street where she stumbles across an adult couple making out on top of a car for all to see, later she goes to do laundry at the local launderette and yes you guessed it another couple this time two ladies begin to make out in front of the washing machines stripping down to their bra’s and having a fun time.

This is the general theme of the video including a couple in a office, and to ensure diversity was represented fully senior citizens also get bitten by the love bug as they ride the bus getting hot and steamy in front of the passengers including Ariana who gives them a thumbs up.

Although Future doesn’t share a scene with Ariana he spits his verse during the office scene bragging about how he serves his woman everyday helping this song reach its full pop trap potential, so be sure to watch out for this as it slowly climbs up the charts and heats up dancefloors across commercial clubland.

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