Alicia Keys – In Common

Alicia Keys - In CommonIt’s a brand new week and after another crazy weekend of partying, its nice to kick start our week with a smooth song choice from Alicia Keys giving us some much needed Monday Motivation. In Common is taken from the singers soon to be released sixth studio album and showcases Alicia like you’ve never heard her before.

Alicia Keys

Inspired by the current wave of Tropical, Dancehall pop fusion dominating the charts, which Drake is proving to be a successful choice as he’s still sitting at number one in the charts for the 11th week with ‘One Dance’. Alicia called upon the music creating talents of IIIangelo real name Carlo Montagnese who is the 28 year old Grammy Award winning producer from Canada and longtime collaborator of singer The Weeknd.

Having worked with Wiz Khalifa, Drake and Lady GaGa his experience allowed him to bounce of Alicia’s inspiration to create a very hypnotic fusion of Latin/Afrobeats as Keys sings about lovers having so much In Common despite their faults. Upon first hearing ‘In Common’ you will instantly think of Drake and Rihanna’s 2012 anthem ‘Take Care’ played across London parties as Alicia sings with a very laidback and sultry tone whilst singing “who wants to love somebody like me, you wanna love somebody like me, if you could love somebody like me, you must be messed up too.”

In Common video

The accompanying black and white video directed by Pierre Debusschere and Keeley Goul shows Alicia with a fresh new image wearing an African inspired head wrap as she sings from a fire escape with dancers of all ages, races and genders embracing eachother. Alicia explained that the video is a celebration of ‘our individuality, sexuality, brilliance and uniqueness’. Deep down we are all the same Keys expresses “we all want to experience love, freedom, and be our truest selves loving whomever we choose and wanting to be accepted”. Alicia remains free from make up in the video and has inspired a #NoMakeUp movement celebrating her natural beauty and letting her flaws show, which fans have been loving and praising the singer for letting her freckles be seen and not hiding behind layers of make up. Her live performances of ‘In Common’ on shows such as Saturday Night Live, Tribeca Film Festival, and UEFA Champions League Final were received positively with the song entering the top 40 of most charts. Her Follow up ‘Hallelujah’ is ballad that is already bubbling but “In Common’ will remain in many playlists over the summer season.

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