Almost 13 years ago…

Launched in April 2004, London Groove was set up to provide a guest list service for people who wanted to go clubbing in the West End so they could get on the guest lists for their chosen clubs.

Initially catering for a range of London R&B clubs and providing a club listing service London Groove then focused on hosting its own club night in the West End every Saturday from which Soul Saturdays was born.

We didn’t know it then, but this was to be the making of a unique set of club nights linking together like minded people with the focus being on the music and to date is still our flagship night which has been held at numerous venues including;

The Empire Lounge Leicester Square
Opium in Soho
The Eve Club in Mayfair
Zeta Bar at Hilton Park Lane
Tamarai in Holborn
Sway in Holborn
Prohibition in Bishopsgate
The Refinery Bankside
The Anthologist in Bank
Dado 54 in Farringdon
Yager Bar at St. Pauls
Revolution at both their Leadenhall & America Square sites and now at Laurel Lounge by Tower Hill.

We also run a club night on Fridays too which is R&B Fusion at Dado 54 in Farringdon.
R&B Fusion is also a very busy and popular night and we consider it ” little sister” to our Saturday nights which was born as a result of the success of Soul Saturdays and by  customer demand for those who couldn’t come out on Saturdays or were looking for a similar night on a Friday instead.
To date R&B Fusion has been running and packed every Friday night since May 07.

What’s the secret to our success in the night clubbing field..?

We aim to give our customer our help, support and value for money when booking a guestlist, table or area and partying with us at any of our club nights. We pride ourselves on professionalism and customer satisfaction with our endless list of clients ranging from birthday bookings and engagement parties to small groups, couples and individual guests just on a night out, not to mention the endless list of brides who book their hen parties with us.

We are also hold a full promoters licence issued by the BIIAB and authorised by the Corporation of City of London Police which allows us to run our weekly club nights.

There are as many promotion and guestlist clubbing agencies as there are nightclubs in London all offering a range of guestlist and table booking services but we only working with reputable venues and run the nights ourselves.


We have worked with many night clubs hosting our events including Equinox, Opium, Teatro, Embassy, Eve, Zeta Bar, The Penthouse, 10 Rooms, The Play Room, Cafe De Paris, Capisce, Tamarai, Envogue, The Loop Bar, Sway Bar, Tiger Tiger, Babble, The Rex Club, Stanza, Bondai, the Hard Rock Cafe, Prohibition, Bureau, The Refinery, Anthologist, Yager Bar, 37 Jewry and currently Dado 54 and Laurel Lounge to name but a few.

Our New Years Eve Parties have always been a huge ” sell out” success and firmly established as a social landmark on the London clubbing scene.
Here’s a brief history of our past New Years Eve parties:

2004 – The Empire Lounge Leicester Square – Sold Out
2005 – Eve Club- Sold Out 1 week in advance.
2005 – Opium Nightclub – Sold Out 1 week in advance.
2005 – The 10 Rooms – Sold Out.
2006 – Sirocco Nightclub – Sold out 3 days in advance for 500 people.
2007 – Winter Prom Party at Zeta Bar – Sold Out.
2007 – Masquerade Party at The Loop Bar & Club – Sold Out.
2008 – All four of our events at Prohibition, The Rex Club, the Hard Rock Cafe and Bondai sold out .
2009 – All three of our parties at The Living Room W1, Chloe and Abbey in the city sold out.
2010 – All three of our parties at The Anthologist, The Refinery and Abbey in the city sold out.
2011 – All four of our parties at The Anthologist, The Refinery, Abbey and Mustard Bar in the city sold out.
2012 – All four of our parties at The Anthologist, The Refinery, Abbey and Yager Bar in the city sold out.
2013 – Our three parties at The Anthologist, The Refinery and Yager Bar sold out.
2014 – Our two parties at The Anthologist and Yager Bar sold out.
2015 – Our two parties at Harpers and Yager Bar sold out.

The London parties and club scene is constantly changing and this year has sadly seen a huge reduction in the number of nightclubs with many closing down for various reasons, one of the main reasons is that people prefer late night bars with dancefloors now instead of clubs which is why we’ve also adapted and down-sized although we hope the few clubs that are still around and open remain that way otherwise, there is a fear that London’s nightlife and clubbing scene will dissapear for good.

2016 will be an extremely exciting time for us here at London Groove with a huge new project underway, our biggest so far which is already in the pipeline and being planned, that’s all we’re saying for now so watch this space…

Steve Prashad
Owner and MD

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