Is Work Out Video From #KylieMinogue For Single ‘Sexercize’ To Risque?

kylie-sexerciseThe new judge of BBC talent show The Voice is causing upset with her current video for the new single ‘Sexercize’ being played across nightclubs in London.

The 45-year old star prances around in the video like that of her younger peers i.e. Lady GaGa, Britney, Beyonce and most female artist who see selling sex and showcasing a variation of sexual positions and innuendo’s as the only way to sell records or get played across R&B clubs in London.

Critics and fans have viewed the video upto 900,000 times in under 24 hours of it’s upload on YouTube with a backlash of complaints from various campaign groups, mediawatch and parents slaying the video for being ‘soft porn’ and yet another video that reinforces the idea that your worth as a woman is defined by your hotness rather than anything else which is damaging to young girls self esteem.

Some critics feel Kylie is selling sex to cover up how mediocre the song is despite being her 1st single taken from her new album ‘Kiss Me Once’ under Jay Z’s management firm ‘Roc Nation’. Only time will tell with if this album will put her back on top of the charts or lose her a sea of fans.

Listen out for the bass filled dubstep styled tune played across London clubs and bars especially at The Anthologist where hundreds of clubbers sign up on the guestlist for Anthologist every weekend to party there on Saturdays and watch this space for updates.

#Dappy Pleads Not Guilty To Assault In Court!

dappy-pleads-not-guiltyThe Big Brother runner up who converted critics and increased his fanbase across nightclubs in London and the UK is once again dealing with the oustanding legal issues relating to an issue of assault last month.

Dappy was accused of attacking a man on February 27th after a late night appearance at popular Essex nightspot Chicago’s. despite pleading not guilty at Chelmsford Magistrates Court earlier this week to one count of assault by beating, the star is still facing hot water due to his previous history.

Dappy real name Costadinos Contostavlos was granted unconditional bail and is expected to stand trial on June 18th. The ‘No Regrets’ star played across RnB clubs London including the Anthologist where hundreds of guests signup on the anthologist guest list to party there on Saturday nights has claimed he acted in self defence in last months altercation. Whether or not he can prove his innonce and escape time behind bars is down to the powers that be.

At least he no longer has issues with the taxman having been rumored to of paid his massive £140,000 tax bill and avoiding filing for bankruptcy. Perhaps his supposed £100,000 pay out for his entertainig Celebrity Big Brother appearance has saved his bacon, lets just hope he’s found innocent of assault and continues making new music to be played across night clubs in London.

#KanyeWest Sentanced To Two Years Probabtion For Assualting Photographer!

kanye-west-sentanced-to-2-years-probationThe controversial rapper has finally settled the outstanding assualt case from last summer where he grabbed the camera from a photographer harrasing him at LAX Airport.

Daniel Ramos accused Kanye of punching him although the video caught by surrounding paparazzi clearly shows no punches exchanged, but just a frustrated person getting provoked by space invading press and putting them into a headlock.

His loyal London Groove fans feel as though Yeezy is an easy target and one that financially benefits the so called victims. Mr. West has pleaded no contest agreed to attend 24 anger management sessions plus complete 250 hours of community service to avoid a jail sentence.

Probation now means that Kanye will have to seriously curb his anger, and find an alternative way to avoid losing his temper with the press or he could end up behind bars which is the fate Chris Brown is now dealing with.

Mr Ramos claims he still takes medication for his injuries and is suing Kanye which many feel is miliking the situation for every penny he can possibly get. Watch this space for updates and enjoy partying to Kanye anthems across night clubs in London.

#ChrisBrown Spends Weekend In Jail & Set For Court New Date?

chris-brown-spends-weekend-in-jailChris Brown fans are gutted to hear that the star spent the weekend in Jail due to breaking the conditions of his rehab and being dissmissed.

It’s not yet clear why the star was dissmissed from rehab, no reports of violence, have been reported despite being in the facility to be treated for anger management, and substance abuse related to his recent diagnosis of Bi-polar disorder.

DJs across London clubs especially at The Anthologist where hundreds of people sign every week on the Anthologist guestlist to party there have been flooded with requests to play Brown’s collaboration with Kid Ink ‘Show Me’ which is one of the biggest clubland anthems. Unfortunately the singer can’t enjoy the success of the song with his legal issues, and now Breezy will have to face yet another court date regarding his rehab dissmissal.

It’s unclear whether or not Chris will be penalized for his weekend arrest and breaking the terms of his probation. Ultimately his destiny will be in the hands of Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin who has been very lenient with the star so far. Fingers crossed Brown will be given yet another chance, until then fans across night clubs in London shall await a full statement from Team Breezy regarding his arrest.

Just Friends? #Rihanna & #Drake Enjoy Dinner & Basketball In Manchester

rihanna-and-darake-badketball-manchesterRihanna fans have been busy gossiping about the Bajan beauty and her rumored new relationship with Drake.

The couple have former relationship history, and it seems they’ve rekindled their affair during the Canadian rappers current tour. Having been spotted enjoying several dinner dates including London, and Amsterdam, now the pair have been seen getting cosy in Manchester, England.

Upon Drake dazzling the audience with anthems such as Take Care, Worst Behaviour, Hold On, We’re Going Home and many more loved at London Grooves club nights especially on Saturdays where hundreds of people signup to get on the guestlist for Anthologist club in the city of London.

The pair have been indulging in sports dates to which they partaked in late night bowling at All Star Lanes on Tuesday, then after dinner on Wednesday they headed to Sugden Sports Centre for a spot of midnight Basketball. The venue stayed open past its normal 10.30pm closing time, and the crew hung out until roughly 1.30am before departing back to their five-star hotel.

The million dollar question on everyone’s lips is are Drake and Rihanna dating or friends with benefits? Watch this space for updates and be sure to enjoy partying to their anthems across night clubs in London.

#Pharrell & #Will.I.Am Settle ‘I Am’ Trademark Dispute!

Spike TV Presents the 2003 GQ Men of the Year Awards - RehearsalsTwo of London clubs biggest selling artist and producers have been at war over the use of the prefix ‘I Am’ which Pharrell uses for his company ‘I Am OTHER’ and attempted to trademark last year but was opposed by Will.I.Am.

The Black Eyed Peas star believes that I Am OTHER clashes with his company ‘I.Am .Symbolic’ and took legal action against Pharrell who is supposed to be his friend. Pharrell stated that ‘he likes to talk things out and had attempted to speak with Will on many occasions’.

Fans across London Groove who regularly sign up on the Anthologist guestlist to party there on Saturdays are pleased to hear that the two musical geniuses have agreed to settle their trademark differences out of court, whether or not a friendship can continue after is another subject.

The fact of the matter is ‘I Am’ is a very commonly used term which Pharrell has pointed out on several occasions that over 146 company’s and artist use it including: I Am Virgin, I Am Ghost, I Am Band to name only a few.

Pharrell is certainly no stranger to law suits having fought again Marvin Gaye’s estate against sample infringement of the night clubs in London anthem ‘Blurred Lines’, plus he’s also been questioned about his production company name ‘Star Trak Enterrtainment’.

Lets hope this sees the end of his legal worries so he can continue to be ‘Happy’ and focus on creating more musical and fashion gems.

#CherylCole & #SimonCowell Speak About #XFactor2014

cheryl-and-simon-speak-about-x-factor-2014The former Girls Aloud star played across nightclubs in London and the music mogul turned daddy turned up at the X Factor press conference full of smiles this week.

The all important press conference was held at 40 Dover Street where the public announcement of Cheryl’s official return to the fledging talent show was packed with press, photographers and more.

Now that Simon & Cheryl have kissed and made up, everyone wants to know how they broke the icey relationship after their shambolic X Factor USA fall out. Cheryl whose dyed her hair blonde for this new life chapter has stated that Simon begged for her return adding ‘its not nice to see a grown man cry’.

She felt like the timing was right, and Simon’s paid for his ‘mistake’ with a rumored £1.5million pay out to seal her decision to return. Cheryl arrived looking and smelling like money at the press conference in the Arts Club which was recently attended by Jay Z & Beyonce.

Music critics and London Groove fans who regularly sign up for the Anthologist guestlist and Yager Bar guestlist to party at their club nights on the weekend are eager to see how the new X Factor will look, and although further confirmation about the judging panel are still to be revealed, Cheryl has hinted that she doesn’t want to be the only girl. No doubt Louis Walsh will still be there to keep her company but Simon has stated he doesn’t want to put another female on that panel that Cheryl hates.

So watch this space for updates and expect lots of surprises in the lead up to live auditions coming soon, and no doubt new music from Cheryl Cole to be played across nightclubs in London.

Justin Bieber Trial Date Set For DUI Case?

justin-bieber-trial-date-setJustin Bieber fans across London town and worldwide will be on the edge of their seats when the teen sensation will face the consequences of driving with an expired licence, and under the influence.

The all-important court date has been set to May 5th and with the inclusion of resisting arrest amongst his troubles the star must be secretly worrying about his fate.

Since the 20-year-old’s arrest on January 23rd in Miami, his life has been even more the center of topic on TV shows etc with major A List stars reaching out to offer advice such Mark Wahlberg, Will Smith, Eminem and many more played at London Groove parties and adored by their fans who sign up on the Anthologist guestlist to party there on a weekly basis.

Bieber has also been fighting the release of a video exposing his private parts during a urine test whilst in police custody which should be kept private but by law must be shared. Black boxes have been used to prevent the star played across nightclubs in London from being over exposed.

Fingers crossed Bieber can keep control of the black boxes on the video, and also control his behaviour in the lead upto his court appearance.

Drake & Rihanna Enjoy Secret Dinner Date In London?

Rihanna-seen-with-drake-at-Nobu-restaurantTwo of the most popular artist played across nightclubs in London have been enjoying each others company more than usual, fueling rumors that there could be more going on than just friendship.

Both Rihanna and Drake were spotted together in London where they indulged in dinner at the popular Nobu restaurant, which is known for its great food and attracting wealthy guests and A-list celebrities. Just two days ago the collaborators behind R&B clubs in London anthem ‘Take Care’ enjoyed Sushi together in Amsterdam.

Rihanna has been joining Drake on stage as a special guest, surprising the audience on his current world tour. Their chemistry on stage has been electric, and with their past history it seems the couple are rekindling their romance.

Having got everyone talking with their sexy live performance of Take Care during his show in France recently, Drake has been asked about the nature of their relationship to which he insists they’re ‘just good friends’. The Canadian rapper that dominates London Groove RnB parties admits to thinking about a relationship with the Bajan beauty, but is content with their friendship, as she’s down to earth, funny and in his own words ‘that’s my dog for life’!

Miley Cyrus Responds to Katy Perry’s Tongue Jibe After Famous Kiss!

miley-cyrus-and-katy-perry-famous-kissNot since Britney Spears kissing Madonna and Christina Aguilera has there been such excitement about to two fellow pop superstars from across nightclubs in London locking lips.

Katy Perry was in attendance at Miley’s Bangerz tour in LA last month and reached out to give the twerking star a ‘friendly kiss’ however Miley leaned her head and took things to the next level with Katy awkwardly pulling away to avoid any tongue action.

It seem Katy wasn’t in a kissing girl mood unlike her infamous pop anthem, speaking about her ‘friendly kiss shocker’ Katy told the press: ‘she like tried to move her head and go deeper and I pulled away. God knows where that tongue has been. We don’t know! That tongue is so infamous!”

The ‘Dark Horse’ star dominating London Groove R&B parties clearly rattled Miley with her ‘Tongue’ comment causing the Disney star to reply: ‘Girl if ur worried abt where tongues have been good thing ur ex boo is ur EX BOO cause we ALL know where THATS  been’.

Fortunately the two stars have a good friendship so the tweets shared between them were made in a joking fashion, and Katy didn’t seem to take offense to Miley’s cheeky reply, to which she ending the conversation stating that when they next meet up she’s going to give Miley a good old fashioned spanking, especially after Miley told Katy ‘don’t act like you didn’t love it’.

Of course both of these pop stars will be on DJ playlists across commercial night clubs in London this weekend so get ready to sing at the top of your voices and stick out your tongues in honor of saucy Miley!