Has #Karrueche Split Up From #ChrisBrown For Posting Semi-Naked Photo of Her?

karrueche-chris-brown-splitThe rumor-mill is spinning again and this time with reports that the singer behind night clubs in London anthems has outraged his on/off girlfriend Karrueche by posting a picture of her laying semi-naked in bed.

When it comes to Hollywood relationships, privacy is most definitely a thing of the past with stars constantly sharing intimate moments online via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. However it seems Brown’s girlfriend doesn’t appreciate him uploading such a private photo of her laying in a thong on the internet, she doesn’t think it’s ‘Loyal’ like his huge London club anthem.

Now media writers claim that the pair have broken up again due to sources stating that neither Chris or Karrueche are on speaking terms since the picture incident which Chris posted on Friday. Apparently the model and fashion designer has deleted all pictures of the pair of them from Instagram in a bid to erase their past.

Chris behaviour is certainly questionable, causing Karrueche to post a cryptic Buddha quote: ‘In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.’ Chris has also deleted pictures of her from his Instagram site so perhaps it really is the end of the road for them.

Watch this space for updates and enjoy partying to Chros Brown’s hits at London Groove parties this Friday and Saturday.

#KanyeWestBooed During #WirelessFestival Rants!

kanye-west-wireless-festivalThe controversial rapper seems to be the biggest fan of his voice, however not even Yeezy expected to get boos during his highly anticipated Wireless Festival no thanks to one of his legendary rants.

Kanye had the crowd rocking when he opened his headlining performance with ‘Black Skinhead’ taken from his critically acclaimed album: Yeezus. Dressed in a camouflage denim suit whilst hiding his face behind a bejeweled mask, the star had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand during London club anthems such as: Stronger, Heartless, Can’t Tell Me Nothing, Clique, Mercy and many more.

However Yeezy went of course with a rant about how he and his wife Kim Kardashian are treated whilst venting his frustrations about the fashion industry. He criticized corporations such as Gucci, Nike and Louis Vitton for trying to block his dreams and encouraged the audience to reach for the stars, believe anything is possible and not let people kill or limit their dreams.

Kanye explained that he wears the mask because fashion brands say ‘we don’t negotiate with celebrities’ he dislikes being judged as a celebrity and would rather have no face and be taken seriously. Despite getting boos from some of the audience he received cheers from loyal fans who also enjoyed moshing to his night clubs in London anthem ‘Blood On The Leaves’.

#DrakeCancelsShow at #WirelessFestival This #Weekend

drake-cancels-wireless-showDrake fans across London are devastated to hear that the Toronto rapper has cancelled his appearance at Wireless on Saturday night due to sickness.

The Wireless festival kicks off today, and with a huge line up of acts the climax of each night are the headliners who on Friday is Kanye West, Saturday should’ve been Drake and Sunday Bruno Mars. Now the Wireless organizers have had to quickly change the headliners.

The alternative is that Kanye will headline both Friday and Saturday which is good news for Kanye lovers across London RnB clubs but bad news for Drake fans.

Ticket holders can request a refund from their ticket seller, or Birmingham attendees can accept £20 worth of ‘Wireless Credit’ upon arrival to use on Food, Beverages, Merchandise or the funfair. Drake released a statement that explains his reasons for pulling out which he states are of a medical capacity due to the star falling ill.

Many fans are fuming and expressing extreme outrage at having to settle for Kanye on both nights in London and extended sets from Rudimental in Birmingham. One fan wrote: ‘I knew I should’ve sold my ticket and gone to Silverstone’. Others doubt if the star is really sick or just at home enjoying a day off.

Drake’s statement reads: “To my beloved fans, it truly breaks my heart that I won’t be able to perform as planned at Wireless and Roskilde this weekend. I got sick a few days ago and although I am on my way to bouncing back, my doctors have made it clear that I am not physically fit to fly or deliver the performance my fans expect and deserve from me. I will be focused on resting for a quick recovery. I have the best fans in the world and I can’t wait to come back to make more incredible memories together.”

Be sure to watch this space for updates, and if you’re going enjoy the Wireless Festival as you party to stars who’s music is always played at LondonGroove parties such as: Pharell, Clean Bandit, B.o.B, Tinie Tempah, Outkast, J.Cole, Labrinth, Azealia Banks to name only a few.

#CherylCole Is Surprised By #MaleStrippers During #XFactorAuditions!

cheryl-cole-male-strippers-x-factor-auditionThe Girls Aloud star has turned 31 with fans tweeting the celebrity well wishes, but her day soon took an unexpected surprise when Simon Cowell shared a rare treat.

The X Factor boss left Cheryl feeling rather flushed and extremely speechless on Monday when a gang of topless dancers gatecrashed the audition she was attending in Edinburgh. The birthday girl couldn’t believe her eyes when the hunky men gave the ‘Say My Name’ singer played across R&B clubs in London an X Rated strip tease.

The joke was set up as a group of guys auditioning for the judges Cheryl, Simon, Louie when suddenly they started tearing off their t-shirts and one of them jumped up on the table gyrating and shaking what his mother gave him. In return Cheryl thanked the dancers, and accepted her bouquet of flowers, in exchange for kisses to the dancers and of course Simon.

Cheryl is certainly in a reflective state of mind, as she recently confessed to deserving to get sacked by Simon in the past due to not being right in her head at the time, but just wishes he had told her face to face rather than finding out from staff.

Be sure to watch out for all things Cheryl and partying to her latest hits across night clubs in London.

Are #Kanye & #Kim Selling Their Dream Bel-Air Home?

kanye-kim-kardashian-bel-air-homeCelebrity couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were hoping to be moving in as newly weds into their dream home which has been under renovation since last year hence why the pair were sharing a home with mother Kris Jenner during Kim’s pregnancy.

Now sources are claiming that the rapper played at London Groove parties and his wife are unhappy with how long the home renovations are taking and could be ‘looking into other possibilities’ potentially a home closer to mother in law Kris and sisters Kourtney and Khloe.

Although Kanye and Kim are known for changing their mind about major decisions, so it’s quite possible they could decide to at lease live in the Bel-Air mansion upon it’s completion to enjoy the million dollar luxury’s they’ve had fitted in.

Despite what the rumors are implying, the house is not yet up for sale and still being renovated with no confirmed selling plans so watch this space for updates and be sure to enjoy partying to Kanye anthems across London parties this weekend.

#JessieJ, #NickiMinaj & #ArianaGrande Announce Collaboration Single!

jessie-j-nicki-minaj-bang-bangFinally it seems as though female artists played across the London clubs and bars are coming together to create a moment in musical history rather than beefing with each other like the troubled Azealia Banks tends to do.

In the late 90s Missy Elliott, Lil Kim, Da Brat, and many more female rapper and singers would collaborate on huge records together like ‘Ladies Night’ and ‘Lady Marmalade’. Now it seems finally today’s modern heroes are joining forces with the announcement of Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and Ariana Grande working together on the forth coming single Bang Bang

Fans across London RnB clubs are counting down to the release of this Triple Threat single which is currently causing a viral stir with the artwork posted on Twitter this Tuesday by a very excited Jessie J with the caption: ‘Me + @arianagrande + @NICKIMINAJ = BANG BANG World Premiere 29th July!


The Starships rapper also shared the single cover with her fans stating this is going to be huge. As the world awaits the single release you can expect to hear this single played at London Groove parties throughout the summer so watch this space as the countdown to July 29th begins.

Lindsay Lohan DJs At London Club & Diddy Pops By To Hang Out!

lindsay-lohan-dj-london-clubThe troubled Hollywood star has been soaking up life in the UK since reportedly wanting to ditch her complicated life in the USA for a fresh start here in our capital. Lindsay hit the London clubs to showcase her DJ skills at Whisky Mist on Sunday night.

The former Disney star decided to dress the part wearing baggy ripped jeans with pointed-toe heels and a red leather jacket as she arrived at the popular party hangout for celebrities. Her good friend PDiddy (or Puff Daddy which he has returned back to lately) turned up to hear Lindsay spin anthems loved across R&B clubs in London.

Rumor has it that Lindsay is eager to make another attempt at a music career and has been spending time in the recording studio with Diplo (of Major Lazer fame) with hopes of venturing into the world of EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

The Parent Trap star has also been in talks with Theatre producers behind some of the West Ends biggest plays, she has apparently lined up a role in David Mamet’s: Speed-the-Plow, playing the role of Karen which has also been taken on by Alicia Sliverstone and Madonna in the past.

Be sure to watch out of Lindsay spinning music at other night clubs in London and other celebrity guests popping by to cheer her on.

#KhloeKardashian Celebrates Her 30th Birthday With Boyfriend #FrenchMontana!

khloe-kardashian-birthdayDespite being warned away by friends and family, the reality TV star is insistent on continuing her ‘rebound’ relationship with the rapper played across nightclubs in London.

In true Kardashian style the TV star shared pictures on the popular Social Network Instagram of the big moment when French Montana stood by her side to receive her birthday cake which was served with huge sparklers attracting the attention of everyone inside of the NYC Manhattan venue.

Her party was attended by celebrities and music stars played across London RnB parties including her sisters Kourtney, Kendal, Kylie and mum Kris Jenner. Recently married Kim was also in attendance though her controversial husband Kanye and brother Rob Kardashian were absent.

The family were also seen entering Don Coqui restaurant in City Island, The Bronx for further celebrations of Khloe’s 30th Birthday. It was earlier reported that Khloe’s beau French Montana recently pleaded guilty to driving a Rolls-Royce without a license at the Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday, to which he was fined $588 which is nothing in comparison to his actual vehicle which is worth over $200,000, so like his night clubs in London anthem He ‘Aint Worried Bout Nothing’.

#Beyonce & #JayZ Share Wedding Video During #OnTheRunTour

jayz-and-beyonce-wedding-videoThe most in demand couple in showbiz have kicked started there much talked about ‘On The Run Tour’ in the United States.

High profile couple Beyonce and Jay Z started their tour in hot Miami with sexy outfits worn by Queen Bey as she acts out her role of Bonnie whilst Jay Z plays it cool as Clyde like their classic which is always played at London Groove parties every weekend.

Fans in Miami were over the moon when a surprise moment during the show, a video of the couples wedding ceremony appeared on the screens which is something they’d always kept private having married secretly on April 4th 2008 after six years of dating.

The tour is reported to have been well received in Miami with the couple performing individually on London RnB club anthems such as Tom Ford, Paris, Show Me What You Got, but then coming together for the tour track ‘On The Run’, and ‘Bonnie & Clyde’.

The show ended with a special rendition of Halo with the couple running through the crowd causing hysteria amongst fans who even travelled from the UK to be there for big the occasion.

Watch this space for updates as the tour travels through America and across to Paris.

#KanyeWest Enjoys Community Service Teaching Students About Fashion!

kanye-enjoys-community-serviceCelebrity rapper Kanye West has been getting to grips with married life and fatherhood having recently walked down the isle with Kim Kardashian in Florence and celebrated his 1st fathers day with baby North.

However although his life has been full of honeymoon trips between Ireland and Mexico, the controversial superstar has also been facing the music in regards to his punishment for attacking a photographer last year.

Part of his community service was to teach students about fashion which many critics don’t see as a serious punishment as the star is known for loving to talk and hear the sound of his own voice.

However, fans at London Groove parties know that the rapper will take this service very seriously, especially as it disrupts the schedule of his day and current Yeezus tour whilst he dedicates 250 hour of community service in order to avoid jail.

The star has visited various educational establishments including the LA Trade Technical college and more to be added over six weeks of punishment. Kanye has been enjoying sharing his experiences in the fashion world with the younger generation in the hopes of inspiring them, many of whom are big fans of his hits…